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“Be a player in business, setting sights on victory”

Advantech was founded by Victor Rabba and Adam Gueran in April 2019. Adam Gueran, President and Chief Operating Officer, says that Advantech’s goal is to become the largest Canadian-owned full-service warehouse provider in the Freezer, Cooler, and Ambient Service markets and the number one food-grade storage provider.

Advantech's president is not trying to manage and oversee everything. Adam employs leaders because he needs his employees to be able to speak their opinions and suggest ways to improve. His organization can grow at this pace because he focuses on his talents and hires others for theirs. "You must be able to delegate and trust your employees to perform what you hired them to do; this gives them a sense of ownership in their area," adds Adam. Adam's core employees regard their departments as their own, and it shows.

My team leaders are encouraged to solve problems; the people I have hired to run the different departments are the best in the industry with very long and successful track records, says Adam. I have a massive network from my 30 plus years as an entrepreneur and my key people I have known for many years manage their areas of my business. Jack Moon has mentored me since I started my first business over 30 years ago and is my CFO, and I can’t imagine my business without Jack, says Adam.

Adam Gueran has managed food, plastics, electronics, and construction material warehouses for over 30 years. Advantech provides effective business solutions by knowing the storage market and operations. Advantech will have over 25,500,000 cubic feet of food-grade warehouse space by 2024.

Advantech also offers in-house logistics services with our dedicated transportation team that handles drayage, full truckload, less than truckload, and cross-border services, says Adam. Currently, our ambient storage warehouse is FDA certified along with HACCP. We have our BRC designation. All our facilities are currently run under the BRC guidelines for our warehouse procedures.

We are changing our WMS to RAMP and I have spent 3 years looking at every system out there, states Adam. Most of what I found was a bunch of overpriced systems with loads of options that, in the end, do nothing. We landed on RAMP for the ease of use and the ownership of the company, as well as price. The RAMP team has been amazing. They understand our business and are there for us. They feel like an extension of our company.

"We understand this business from the ground up," adds Adam. We look at every client's needs; we work to understand what their goals are, and then we show them alternatives to how they have been doing things for years. In many cases, we show clients our fixed pricing modals and they see major savings along with superior service levels from what they are used to.

Most of our clients were dealing with space issues as well as quickly rising lease rates in the Toronto area. We came in at a time when these issues were hitting everyone. I think one of the main reasons we are successful is that we perform, says Adam. When our competitors were saying no, we were out of space, so we started opening buildings. When the competition was telling clients, "Sorry, we can only do so many loads per day," we were saying, "We will start a second shift. I like to think we have the logistics perfected and we adapt to our clients' needs.

Adam's advice to potential business owners is to "get started." I've been working for myself since I was 18 years old, he says. Anxiety might make going it alone scary, but the rewards are worth it. You can't get rich working a few hours a week. Spend time learning your market and making things happen. You've got a job, not a business, if you're essential to its everyday operations. Taking time for oneself shows success. "Business is a game, and when you become great at the game, money will follow," adds Adam. Enjoy the game and the financial freedom that will come with it!

Adam focuses on growth only. When they started Advantech, they had a five-year plan for growth. They hit their five-year goal in three years. This is because of the people here at Advantech. When you have the right people, you can do some amazing things, says Adam. By 2024, we'll have a new, state-of-the-art building for your freezer, cooler, and ambient needs. IE


Advantech Supply Chain Solutions


Adam Gueran
President & COO
Advantech Supply Chain Solutions


Advantech Supply Chain Solutions is a boutique food grade warehousing and transportation logistics service company based out of Toronto, Canada. We have experienced exponential growth in just 3 years, growing from 150,000 sqft of space to 1,200,000 sqft from 12 employees to over 100 by 2022.

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