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Fractional Execs Ltd., founded by Alan Giles, provides fractional senior resources and related business growth services. These services can facilitate the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises. Engaging a fractional executive will provide access to senior executive talent, benefitting from 100% of the knowledge and experience for a fraction of the time and expense.

Alan considers himself a transformational leader who strives to motivate his team to exceed their own expectations. He takes on a coaching and mentoring role to help individuals develop their skills and finds it rewarding for both him and the employee. He values gaining the support and enthusiasm of his team by recognizing their potential, which encourages them to constantly improve. He adjusts his leadership style to fit the specific needs of each person he leads, believing this flexibility is vital in transformational organizations.

Alan spent the first part of his career in the military and recognizes the skills and experience he gained very early in his career. This period provided a wide variety of experiences and opportunities to learn, one of those being when he was chosen to participate in a wheelchair marathon. His partner that day, who rode the chair Alan was pushing, was an 18-year-old girl named Kelly, who had been paralyzed from the waist down since a car accident at the age of 12.

During the marathon, they had the opportunity to talk and get to know each other. Kelly shared her story, and Alan realized the impact of listening and not pre-judging others. He was also reminded to see beyond physical abilities to recognize people's true strengths and uncover the strengths that each individual has. Alan believes that on that day Kelly influenced his future leadership style, even though she slightly annoyed him when she commented on their lack of speed near the end of the marathon at the 23-mile point as they were being overtaken by someone. They shared a laugh on this afterwards over a well-earned drink.

Fractional Execs Ltd. aims to grow and offer its services to a wider variety of industries. Currently they assist mostly technology start-up companies to avoid common errors experienced in their growth journey.

The company very carefully selects partners and consultants who share their objectives to keep a very high standard of professionalism and customer satisfaction. They motivate their staff by setting high standards, being role models and delivering excellence internally and externally.

They believe in sustainable growth and have experienced significant expansion as a result of expanding their client base and hiring top talent. They accomplished this by personally assessing each senior resource to ensure a strong cultural fit. Although this may become more difficult as the company grows, they prioritize locating individuals who share the same cultural objectives. Additionally, the company places a premium on profitability and has achieved steady expansion while remaining financially stable. They take a methodical approach and prioritize client satisfaction to generate recurring revenue.

To market their message, they have devised creative and cost-effective strategies. As they recognize the significance of remembering their mission and the people they serve, they are committed to delivering excellence in their work. As a one-of-a-kind consulting firm that relies on referrals and recommendations, it is imperative that they ensure client satisfaction and value in every project they undertake.

Besides the current capabilities of the company, Alan plans to implement fractional diversity and inclusion specialists to aid in the expansion of their new product or service; he wants to maintain these values. Recognizing that many businesses struggle with DEI legislation, he aims to establish fractional DEI in 2024 to ensure qualified and dedicated individuals handle this responsibility.

Since providing a services ecosystem for small and medium-sized firms by Fractional Execs Ltd. reduces corporate attrition, Alan will concentrate on bringing similar enterprises into the ecosystem and leveraging his network to help company owners. This is crucial since large consultants and service providers often neglect growing firms, making it difficult to get the right knowledge and guidance. The firm is currentlyexpanding its US market presence and hiring east coast workers. They will start serving the Middle East through a Bahrain presence early next year. He will identify and manage local teams in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Bahrain to function as UK subsidiaries due to his understanding and relationships in these locations.

Fractional Execs Ltd. played a crucial role in the establishment and growth of a new company called Demeter, which specializes in process management software. The product already existed, but there were no sales or marketing team in place. Fractional Execs Ltd. deployed multiple C Level resources that collaborated with the founder to create a business strategy, develop a brand, recruit and train a sales team, establish partnerships, and finally launch the product. This entire project was completed in just over six months.

Alan believes that customer service is what sets consulting firms apart, regardless of their size. The consultants at his firm have a lot of industry experience, which helps them create practical plans that can be implemented. They take the time to understand their customers' issues and are known for actually getting things done. Alan was previously successful in restructuring and downsizing a technology manufacturing company after acquiring a competitor. This involved letting go of some employees, but Alan's team handled it well by offering individual, tailored support and assistance to those affected. Alan was happy with the outcome and hired some of his former team members for another company, such was the satisfaction of the result on all sides.

Fractional Execs Ltd. is a bootstrapped company that has organically generated profit to finance its expansion goal. A Series A capital round may enable future development and scalability, but they are not actively preparing for one. Alan believes that corporate leaders should support and mentor future leaders. The Great Resignation has forced some highly capable managers into leadership positions prematurely, which could negatively impact small businesses if these leaders are stubborn and unwilling to listen. He thinks that providing leadership coaching and mentoring is important for fostering learning and maintaining the relevance of senior leaders.


Fractional Execs Ltd


Alan Giles
Fractional Execs Ltd


Fractional Execs is a Business Growth Consultancy based in London. Providing services to technology companies from start-up through to scale-up, Fractional Execs offers resources and services that effect the changes necessary for companies to reach their growth ambitions.

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