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“Listen, strategize and compete”

Onchain Custodian® (ONC) is a worldwide, standardized, resilient, insured, and compliant custody solution. Amarpreet Singh, Onchain Custodian's COO, believes ONC's solution is versatile. Best practices for digital asset custody are vital for the sector. Onchain Custodian® focuses on digital asset custody.

Amar has gained wide popularity and acceptance as one of the thought leaders in Blockchain & Fintech space over the years. He has worked with dozens of blockchain firms and was one of the Top 10 Global ICO/Blockchain Advisors in 2017 and 2018. He has worked with and led teams in some of the top MNCs like Microsoft, the World Bank, Airbus etc. His impressive educational background (B.E. in Computer Science and double MBAs from top universities in Asia), along with his impressive work background, and a strong network of European and Asian HNWIs, investors, executives, and industry leaders, showcases both breadth and depth of knowledge and experience in the space.

His team and peers often call him as a passionate and energetic leader who can have a long-term vision in a developing and ever-evolving industry, recognize opportunity in every crisis, and inspire the team to work passionately towards that objective. He has a strong work ethic and a go-getter spirit. Authenticity, problem-solving abilities, and inclusiveness are his strengths.

Amarpreet highlights a few strategies towards Onchain Custodian Pte Ltd and Onchain Digital Pte Ltd's success. Amar advises blockchain, Fintech firms, and investors. "Top 10 Blockchain Advisors" Amar valued teamwork, appearance, and success. He adds that correct set of values, work ethic and growth mindset make a huge difference at work. These are the attributes that can help brea even the toughest problem/tasks in Fintech into simple solutions. Amar believes businesses and leaders need constructive criticism, and should be open to it. It allows introspection, progress, and a new perspective. He emphasizes picking the right candidate for the job is very essential. He would cla Accept tough, unhelpful, but right feedback and encourage staff meetings, advices Amar.

According to Amar, always listen to all team members, since it is impossible for anyone to know everything, even if some may know more than others. Even a new team member without in-depth expertise may provide a fresh perspective which might be helpful. He believes that excessive meetings and Powerpoints are overrated, because ‘if you have the point, you have the power’, so one should always look for that meaningful point to talk about in every meeting. As a leader, one should adapt to everyone's communication method (email, text, phone, video/Zoom call, etc.) and be approachable.

Fintech and digital assets are growing, and Onchain Custodian under Amar’s leadership aims to provide a technology infrastructure to store digital assets and work with authorities (MAS in Singapore) to implement legislation. Onchain Custodian developed an infrastructure for custody of digital assets that include HSM Level 4 Warm wallets (in partnership with IBM) and Multi-sig Cold Wallets (Full Custody & Co-Managed options are available). Onchain Custodian is a leader in Asia for digital assets, with a strong technological, regulatory, and financial infrastructure. Onchain Custodian, Onchain Digital, and other related organizations offer crypto and digital asset services.

We encourage fair competition and discourage complacency. Onchain Custodian offers API access, whitelisting, Ramp On/Off Services, NFT support, User Access Management for corporates, risk management settings, staking, etc. It's integrated with KYC, AML, Transaction Monitoring, etc. aims to be Singapore's first licensed Digital Assets Custodian under PSA. Onchain Digital on the other hand provide services for digital assets that include asset management, lending, prime brokerage, staking, etc.

Onchain Custodian and Onchain Digital, have achieved an impressive AUM of over $1 billion in digital asset solutions in a short span of time. Onchain Custodian helps banks, businesses and financial institutions govern crypto through its infrastructure in a regulated manner, says Amar.

Amar adds Technology, regulations, and finance help comprehend client value. Any FI/Corporate can use ONC's APIs to quickly expand. The platform added KYC, AML, transaction monitoring, and other compliance features. The asset class guidelines benefited Singapore's Fintech industry. Financial infrastructure lets clients report on digital assets, limit transactions, and whitelist addresses. These three infrastructures make it easy and safe for fintech and financial institutions to use digital assets.

ONC has also been recipient of many awards, including 2019 Singapore Fintech Festival Best Fintech Singapore's founder award, Brand Laureate Tech Award for 'Best Digital Investment & Custody', Blocnomic's "Best Digital Custody"; and RegTech Asia's 2020 awards. In Financial world, "Network is net worth", and ONC surely has one of the best network of partners, collaborators, etc. in the industry and Asia due to its OG and veteran management and many sister enterprises.

Amar and Onchain Custodian believes that everything will be tokenized in the future, including gold, commodities, virtual real estate, tokenized real estate, art, real estate, etc. As everything is tokenized/digitized, technological solutions will be needed to store digital assets. Onchain Custodian helps digitize assets. Onchain Digital offers asset management and financial goods.

Given all that Amar has achieved in the space, we would surely say he is one of the COOs to watch out for in this space (Blockchain, Digital Assets/Crypto and Fintech). He is quite approachable and encourages reaching out to him via his LinkedIn account -

Onchain Custodian & Onchain Digital, both have strong and a very impressive management, where along with Amar as COO, there is Raymond Cheong as CEO, Da Hongfei as Chair of Board & Founder and Leo Shiu as Director of Business Development. More details can be found at


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Amarpreet Singh
Onchain Custodian


Based in Singapore, Onchain Custodian is offering an insured, secure, convenient and compliant platform for the safekeeping of investing of institutional digital asset holdings with incomparable user experience. Our solution is flexibly built to meet the possible futures of crypto custody.

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