Amanda Cromhout, Founder & CEO of Truth, Top 10 Promising CEOs of 2023

Amir Avraham
CFO & General Manager
OCON Therapeutics

Amanda Cromhout, Founder & CEO of Truth

Think strategically and make financial decisions that align with the company’s goals and long-term objectives

In the fast-paced world of high-tech companies, success is often measured by the ability to adapt to ever-changing landscapes, stay ahead of the competition, and drive organizational improvements.

For over 20 years, as a finance executive in multinational organizations, Amir have thrived in this environment, utilizing my expertise in finance, accounting, business, mergers, and acquisitions, to deliver results and support business growth and strategy.

Amir Avraham, OCON's Chief Financial Officer and General Manager at OCON Therapeutics. hails from Secure Islands, a company acquired by Microsoft, and prior to that was CFO of Van Leer Ventures Jerusalem. A certified accountant, Mr. Amir Avraham has a BA in Accounting & Economics and an MBA in Business Administration.

With a strong track record of performance, Amir have addressed a variety of business issues and legal matters, including strategic planning, profitability analysis, commercial negotiations, due diligence, and M&A processes. My experience in fundraising, investments, and cash flow has also proved invaluable in driving organizational growth and success.

One of my key strengths lies in my ability to utilize keen analysis, insights, and a team approach to drive organizational improvements and implementation of best practices. Collaboration is key to success, and Amir consistently foster an environment that encourages teamwork, innovation, and creativity.

In addition to my financial expertise, Amir has also played a role in establishing subsidiaries around the world, working with multi-national boards of directors.

Amir also served as a board member in these subsidiaries and proved vital in navigating complex regulatory environments.

Over the years, Amir have developed a deep understanding of the start-up industry and the challenges that organizations in this space face. As the CFO and General Manager of OCON Therapeutics since 2017, Amir worked with the CEO of the company to restructure the company and change the strategy to lead the company to success. OCON Therapeutics is a pharmaceutical company in the women’s health field with a vision to become the standard of care for the treatment of uterine pathologies based on a proprietary 3D drug delivery stent technology.

Previously, Amir served as the CFO of Secure Islands, a global cyber technology company whose solutions are deployed in top-tier Fortune 500 firms. Secure Islands was acquired by Microsoft (MSFT (NASDAQ)) in December 2015, between 2015-2017 Amir was responsible for the knowledge transfer at Microsoft. Before that, Amir held the position of CFO at Van Leer Technology Ventures, a venture capital company that invested in high-tech companies. And prior to that, Amir worked as a manager at Deloitte.

Amir am a certified public accountant and hold a BA in Accounting and Economy. Additionally, Amir earned an MBA in Business Administration, with a specialization in finance, from the Hebrew University. Amir also completed the Executive Education program, "Innovative Strategies in the Face of Constraints," offered by SIT. IE


OCON Therapeutics


Amir Avraham
CFO & General Manager
OCON Therapeutics


OCON Therapeutics vision is to become the Standard of Care for the treatment of Uterine Pathologies by Providing physicians with a complete toolbox of therapeutics based on our proprietary 3D drug delivery stent technology the IUB® (Intra Uterine Ball)

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