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Andrew Wallace
President & CEO
Communications Professionals

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Unwavering Commitment for A Great Performance

The three elements of “prayer, planning, and strategy” are essential for becoming a good leader. Prayer is an important aspect of leadership as it helps leaders seek divine guidance and wisdom in their decision-making process. According to Andrew Wallace, President & CEO of Communications Professionals, prayer helps leaders stay grounded and focused on their goals. It allows leaders to recognize that they are assigned to do God's will. It also gives them the strength to carry out their leadership roles effectively.

Planning is another crucial element of leadership as it enables leaders to set clear objectives and develop a roadmap for achieving them. A well-planned strategy can help leaders to anticipate potential challenges and take proactive measures to overcome them. As Andrew says, “effective planning is essential for achieving success in any leadership role and helps leaders to set clear objectives, identify potential obstacles, and develop strategies for overcoming them. It also enables them to allocate resources effectively and make informed decisions.”

Strategy is the final critical element of leadership that can help leaders to achieve their goals. A well-planned strategy can help leaders anticipate potential challenges and take proactive measures to overcome them. It also enables them to identify opportunities and capitalize on them. “I learned this from my parents, who have played a huge role in building me as a leader and guiding me towards the right path of success,” elucidates Andrew. “My father—Henry Wallace—owned Snappy Auto Parts and was Michigan's first Black automotive Dealer. He taught my brother and me how to focus on the desired outcomes, tenacity, patience, and the importance of having like-minded people in your inner circle.”( My Dad would say the Bigger your Vision the smaller your circle and don’t be afraid to travel alone.

The pioneering leader, Andrew, believes putting God First is the first step, having like-minded people as confidants, supporters, and employees or management results in leaders enhancing themselves by sharing ideas freely, encouraging, inspiring, and supporting their businesses. “To grow and improve your life, you must be surrounded by like-minded people. These people will understand the path that you are trying to go,” he explains. “They will also understand your drive to better yourself and achieve your goals.

You need people in your life who will help push you towards your goals and if needed help you to carry that load. Get around people who support your vision. These are the people that will hold you accountable and make sure that you stay on track. Get around people who inspire and encourage you.” Andrew has been taking the company to new heights with this brilliant mindset.

The mission of Communications Professionals is to excel as a world-class provider of equipment and services dedicated to serving the Federal Government's and corporate America's needs. They are committed to delivering top-tier solutions, fostering innovation, and upholding the highest standards of integrity, all while contributing to the success and security of their valued clients and partners.

Communications Professionals Inc. has achieved remarkable accomplishments in its journey to excellence. “Our achievements reflect a commitment to quality, integrity, and outstanding service. These milestones demonstrate our organization's dedication to serving government agencies and corporate clients at the highest level,” states Andrew. “Our attainment of 9 GSA Schedules and fulfillment of thousands of task orders yearly exemplify our capacity to meet clients' diverse needs efficiently. Furthermore, maintaining an AAA Rating with the Department of Defense reflects our unwavering commitment to the highest performance and security standards.”

For Andrew, receiving recognition as the Contractor of the Year by the Department of Agriculture highlights the company’s exceptional contributions to the public sector, making them leaders in offering valuable solutions that make a difference in government operations. “Being Michigan's First MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) to co-sponsor Michigan Minority Supplier Development Council showcasing Michigan’s Minority entrepreneurs and their Businesses, and our commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion is commendable and sets an example for others to follow,”We are Members of Cisco’s AACPC and Maverick Programs with promote Black owned technology firms of excellence, adds Andrew.

These achievements testify to our organization's dedication to excellence and the company’s pivotal role in serving government and corporate clients. They reflect Andrew and his team’s commitment to delivering exceptional equipment and services while upholding the highest ethical standards.

It is pertinent to mention Communications Professionals have been in business for over 25 years and have used their faith and intuition to maneuver and successfully grow the business. Andrew operates as a business mentor. In 2012, he was issued a special tribute from the then Michigan Governor Granholm because it had come to her attention that he had assisted over 100 Michigan-based businesses, which is still growing. Andrew also served on the board of Directors for the Michigan Chamber of Commerce from 1998- 2004, among many of his achievements. Still, his most outstanding achievement as an influential leader is being happily married to his wife Verlinda for over five decades and raising two successful children, Nathaniel and Jonathan.God has been Good to Me!


Communications Professionals, Inc.


Andrew Wallace
President & CEO
Communications Professionals, Inc.


Communications Professionals Inc. (CPI), based in Troy, MI. manages the technology needs of small businesses, hotels, healthcare facilities, government agencies, locally, nationally, and internationally. We offer our clients access to a broad array of technology solutions, ranging from desktops, notebooks, storage and printers to advanced networking, Wi-Fi, mobility, security and professional services.

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