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Angel Valentin
Chief Executive Officer
The Logistics Pro Group, LLC

Michelle Rios, President of Blue Tiger Leadership, LLC

Listen, learn, and document to succeed

The Logistics Pro Group, LLC, has insurance and bonding and holds a Non-Vessel Owning Commercial Carrier (NVOCC) license from the Federal Maritime Commission. They specialize in exporting full containers from anywhere in the US to destinations worldwide. They also have expertise in various transportation modes and offer services such as ocean freight for imports and exports, drayage services, customs services, warehousing facilities, and trucking services. They also provide domestic ground freight, air transportation, and in-house logistics management.

Angel P. Valentin, the CEO of the company, began his career in 1999 after college and military service. He started as a data entry supervisor at a freight billing company and was later promoted to client service manager, where he managed General Electric's client services. After becoming familiar with GE and working on a logistics system for GE Lighting, he moved to Cleveland and eventually managed their private fleet. He then worked remotely for a year before becoming the Executive Director of Logistics for a magazine distributor. After that company closed, he worked briefly for a scaffolding company before joining a new company as the executive logistics manager. When that company also closed, Angel became the CFO/COO for Body Glove Footwear and eventually was offered a position as Executive Vice President at World Logistics LLC. Realizing his extensive experience in logistics, he started his own company, The Logistics Pro Group, LLC, which is growing and expanding.

Despite Angel's occasional desire to remain in bed in the mornings, his unwavering dedication to assisting his clients and enhancing their circumstances serves as the primary impetus for him to rise and start his day. One of the most valuable pieces of career advice he was given was the importance of prioritizing active listening over excessive speaking. Not forgetting, the best way to communicate with your team at work is to LISTEN, LEARN, and DOCUMENT! With the help of examples, he discusses the importance of these three ideals. For him, listening is the pathway to making real changes in an organization. Active listening is a vital skill for individuals seeking to enhance their entrepreneurial abilities. While it is undoubtedly valuable to contribute ideas and drive improvements, the act of attentively listening to others is of even greater significance.

When it comes to achieving entrepreneurial success and becoming a visionary executive, it is important to embrace the power of LEARNING, according to Angel. He suggests that by immersing yourself in knowledge and honing your skills, you will be equipped with the necessary tools to succeed in the business world. Invest in your future and continuously grow by seeking out and acquiring knowledge. Take the opportunity to delve into every aspect of your organization, transcending your current role. Engage in conversations with managers and employees from different departments to gain valuable insights into the workings of your company. Identify and implement process efficiencies that save time and maximize financial resources to unlock unparalleled career growth.

Angel believes that the word "DOCUMENT" is the most important when it comes to increasing the value of an organization. Keeping records and providing evidence of efforts to decrease expenses and increase income is crucial. He suggests sending an FYI email to supervisors with details of savings and keeping copies of correspondence as proof. Angel also sees challenging circumstances as opportunities for personal growth and encourages taking advantage of them. By actively engaging with those around us, we can acquire valuable knowledge and insights that will better equip us for future entrepreneurial endeavors, asserts Angel.

Remote, Hardworking, and Family: "Our team is spread out across the country, mostly working remotely, but we are always working and treat each other like family," explains Angel.

The Logistics Pro Group, LLC, was born out of the needs of their clients. Angel noticed that many logistics and transportation companies prioritized profits over customer satisfaction. He believed that focusing on client service would ultimately lead to financial success. Their #1 value as a company is “CLIENTS COME FIRST!” While they make sure that their clients never have to worry about any part of their shipment, there is always room to improve. The Logistics Group, LLC, is continuously growing their team by creating satellite sales teams.

However, their next plan is to establish a warehouse near the port of New York and acquire drayage trucks. This will enable them to directly meet their customers' requirements using their own resources and staff. As they continue to expand physically, their customers will notice their footprint and that it is where they need them, when they need them, because "Clients Come First!”

The Logistics Pro Group, LLC, is experiencing an exciting period of growth thanks to their customer-focused approach. They have plans to establish a warehouse and office near the port of New York, complete with their own drayage trucks. Additionally, they are considering opening another warehouse or office on the west coast, potentially near the Seattle Port or LAX Port. At this time, they are looking into the pros and cons of starting from scratch or buying another business. Furthermore, they are developing a simplified logistics management system that will connect with customs and various carriers through Inttra and EDI. They have encountered complex and demanding options in the market, prompting them to create a user-friendly system that still provides all necessary data and information. The design is complete, and the first module is about to undergo testing.


The Logistics Pro Group, LLC


Angel Valentin
Chief Executive Officer
The Logistics Pro Group, LLC


Pro Group Logistics offers an integrated logistics solution based upon asset-based operations. We offer warehousing & fulfillment, local, regional and nation transportation, intermodal, and more. Each solution is tailored specific to each client.

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