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Annie Evans
CEO and Founder
Set Your Sails

Michelle Rios, President of Blue Tiger Leadership, LLC

“Author, Educator & Motivator”

Annie Evans, CEO and Founder of Set Your Sails, was blessed to grow up in Yosemite National Park and other beautiful places, and nature became her life’s church. She knew she had unique strengths from an early age, which helped her to withstand her mentally ill mother’s abuse. She is grateful to her stepfather, Marcel Barel, a Swiss ski instructor who greatly influenced her upbringing and countered her mother’s abuse. Marcel was an amazing person loved by all.

Annie joined the Civil Rights Movement before she was eleven. At the time, Annie became great friends with her neighbor, Joan Baez, the singer, author, artist, and activist. Annie became the youngest student at Joan’s Institute for the Study of Non-violence in Carmel Valley Village. Joan shared with Annie all the amazing stories as she marched for justice alongside Martin Luther King, Jr. Joan remains a lifelong activist for equality. After many years, Annie and Joan will be working together again. Both remain activists for equality.

Amazing mentors and surrogates are all part of who Annie is today. Annie recognizes that she probably wouldn’t be as successful in life if not for the mentors and surrogates who helped her throughout her remarkable life. She’s been blessed with the best.

ANNIE EVANS is a master of many trades. She has been a leader in different fields and areas, so she has a wide base of experience. Her strength is in understanding and finding balance in life. We all must overcome challenges and find solutions which will propel us forward towards our goals. and remedies her rich life experience has empowered her to help people dealing with difficult circumstances and events.

Mentors and surrogates can make a difference in life – sometimes, it is just a few words or a lifetime relationship. Annie suggests having a good alignment with the mentors you choose, as the personal relationship makes magic.

Annie has had more than her share of adventures. At age twelve, her mother threatened her with a butcher knife, forcing Annie to run away. Ultimately, she traveled across the United States from California to New York during the civil rights movement in the 1960s – it was her first fantastic adventure. Still, not her last, and the adventures continue. After eight months, she returned to her birth father and completed high school with her class.

Searching for a means to be productive and a contributor to the world, she knew she had to overcome the deep depression which hit her after high school. She also knew she had lots to offer were she able to triumph over the darkness. With perseverance, she found the solution and learned to retrain her brain and release her limiting beliefs and depression. She did ‘the work,’ which took diligence and grit; the subconscious does not listen to just being told once. It must be reinvented – mindfulness wasn’t a common word then (although it had been practiced for thousands of years in other religions and cultures). “Today, I live a grateful and blessed life and wake up glad to see each new day,” says Annie.

Despite only having her high school degree, Annie used creative resumes highlighting her extraordinary life and work experience, problem-solving, and persona to get hired at the jobs she targeted. She brought her excellent work ethic to each job, resulting in her moving quickly up the corporate ladder. Over the next decades, she was in senior management and helped build start-ups into major corporations. “That is how I created a successful career, and now, as an entrepreneur, Realtor, and Life Agent – I created ‘Set Your Sails’ (based on my seven years at sea as a celestial navigator and first mate,logging 44,000 sea miles). I intend to grow it by helping others and the world,” explains Annie. “I am also a best-selling author, speaker, and coach. ‘Set Your Sails’ is a new chapter – but at the same time, I have accomplished much, and I am very proud of my achievements. I believe that this next stage in my life will be the most impactful as I work to help others and the world with my extensive, diverse experience and my heart.”

What truly motivates Annie is that she has so much to offer to help others live their best lives. “My experience is that too many people fall into life patterns without knowing themselves or taking the time to serve themselves up to the life they want to live. As a navigator, Annie says, ‘Make sure you create your life course.’ Annie helps others who have had life challenges by sharing her real-life experiences.

Annie is known as a start-over expert. “I have had to start over so many times from being flat on the floor, broke and without support. I have reinvented myself many times. I am a problem solver – I also know that it is a skill that others should develop,” she elucidates. “Having lived at sea, often thousands of miles from shore, when something breaks, lives can be on the line if you cannot find a solution. I have had quite a few close calls in life. I often refer to ‘Building my Bounce Back Muscles’ and I encourage others to do the same, even if having to start over is something inconceivable to you. We are all subject to unexpected circumstances.”

‘Set Your Sails’ culminates from a lifetime of adventure and productivity. For now, Annie is a solopreneur; she is well-established in networks of influencers and has a channel and TV show on the JD3TV Network. “I offer unique perspectives based on my true life-proven successes, and I seek to help others solve their problems and guide them on improving their lives,” she adds. “The ‘Set Your Sails’ platform is a work in progress. I host a channel on my mentor’s (Sir Dr. James Dentley III) JD3TV Network. It is a brand-new version, which will highlight my shows. It will also serve as my CRM and an online store offering my books and courses, promotional items, clothing, and access to resources which I believe are worthy of my followers’ attention. I am very excited to share my network of remarkable persons and bring excellent content to my audience.”

Establishing and growing a business requires knowledge and grit, according to Annie. Learning about business is best done by doing the work and making good choices about what you want - Annie believes this is critical to integrating your happiness with your career. She chronicled some of her life in the book “Live For A New Day.”

Among some of her mentors, Baron Sir Doctor James Dentley III has an important role to play in Annie’s life and career. Annie was blessed by Sir Dr James Dentley, III – the great orator who gave her voice back and allows her to now tell her true story and culminate into a pioneering leader. She also recalls: Jim Rohn—the grandfather of personal growth—influenced her for years. Tony Robbins, John Maxwell, and Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich) were among the influencers she followed and studied with. More recently, she has learned from the great Sean Callagy, who offers a ‘formula’ for maximizing our potential and success. Also, David Corbin—known as the ‘mentor to mentors’ – is the author of many books and keynote speaker and even created some incredible inventions. She shared some of her story in David’s recent book "WTF-OMG," which topped the Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestseller lists.

Sadly, after sailing on the ‘I Love You II’ for seven years, she left to go home to the States for a break. Later, the beautiful boat was lost at sea with all souls on board – a great loss in her life. After that, she felt her life was over, and she still has survival guilt, but she realized she was young and her whole life was ahead of her. She put one foot in front of the other and walked her way into a new, successful corporate career.

Now, she tries to help others always step forward despite setbacks. “Life is not over, until it is truly over; we can always start over as long as we are alive,” per Annie.

She has had many close calls. She discusses "Building her Bounce Back Muscles" and encourages others to do the same, even if starting over seems difficult or impossible. Annie shares her "bounce-back" and "new goals and dreams" from her history to encourage them to grieve and move forward in life. Life ends only when it truly ends, not before.

• She's an expert at starting over after being homeless and broke more than a few times. She overcomes, reinvents, and inspires. She promotes caring and listening. She is also constantly working on developing her intuition.

• Staff and customer service determine every company's reputation. Prioritize qualified applicants. Successful workplaces require teamwork.

• Annie knows you risk lives if you can't solve things at sea. All on board had to work as a team because if something broke, they had to fix it or potentially die. Creative problem-solving became a highly honed skill. Annie believes that problem-solving should be a core part of our education.

• Implementing your innovative ideas and strategies is not always easy, and you may have to adjust, so check yourself and your business often.

• From her sailing days, both life and death were frequently close to one another, and she often fought for life along with the rest of the crew.

• Annie is all about the global community. As an International Supply Chain Director, she produced products in eight Asian countries for many years. She has lived in culturally rich places while embracing all the diversity. We all should learn to celebrate our differences – “we are better working together,” she says.

• Annie has remarkable life experience. She's self-educated and mentored by amazing influencers. Her golden rule is to lead with her heart and smile to deliver excellent knowledge and problem-solving skills to others. She has achieved her status through hard work and challenges all to do the same.

• Annie hopes to be part of bringing the world together.

• Key Annie Points: Honesty and integrity are critical attributes. Find your own voice; control your state; always strive to be your best; carefully design your life; never give up; be willing and able to start over with new goals and dreams when disaster strikes; build up your work ethic; and chart your own course in life, adjusting as needed.



Set Your Sails


Annie Evans
CEO and Founder
Set Your Sails


‘Set Your Sails’ culminates from a lifetime of adventure and productivity. For now, Annie is a solopreneur; she is well-established in networks of influencers and has a channel and TV show on the JD3TV Network.

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