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Ashley Shreve
CEO of InnoTech Construction

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“A True Pacesetter”

Ashley Shreve, the CEO of InnoTech Construction, is always looking to the future. His intensity for company growth is equally matched by his passion for his employees and their quality of life. He has demonstrated the courage to make risky decisions and the resilience to bounce back and push forward when encountering hiccups during large-scale changes. Whenever possible, he prefers not to communicate from a “Top Down” approach but from within.

“My employees are not just a number. I take the extra time to get to know the people in my company, not just my senior leaders. Everyone contributes to the success of this company, not just upper level management. I am responsible for leading and creating a culture where my employees feel valued; I try to do that every day. I do not want anyone who is part of the InnoTech Construction family to ever feel undervalued. I am so thankful for everyone that has chosen to come and work for this company.” The biggest differentiator with Ashley is that when he speaks, people listen. He can make everyone around him feel like they are part of the processes, part of the difference, instead of being told what the new processes are. His energy draws everyone in around him.

“I am not an expert in every subject, and I depend on the knowledge and skills of my team of subject matter experts to advise me. When I need advice, I am not shy about calling someone who knows more than I do. I know many leaders would never say this out loud, but I recognize that I have a lot to learn. I have a lot to contribute, but no one can be an expert in everything,” he says. “I am human, and I am constantly striving to learn. I learn from mistakes I have made, through collaboration with people who have different ideas and are willing to take the risk to share them. I don’t want to work in a culture where everyone thinks alike, and there is no diversity.”

"The materials they source and the way they are shipped contribute to the overall environmental impact of each project"

The company’s commitment to being environmentally conscious is part of its culture. Their approach includes employee, vendor, and client education. The materials they source and the way they are shipped contribute to the overall environmental impact of each project. Sustainability is one way the company owns the responsibility of working in an environmentally conscious manner. “Construction waste must be drastically reduced by designing and building with sustainable materials. I have a responsibility to educate everyone and anyone on the importance of using sustainable materials,” says Ashley. “Sustainability is a global issue, and it is my responsibility to live, work, and share the importance of global sustainability. This is why we also have invested heavily into the development of new sustainable technologies, policies.”

InnoTech’s designs are continually developed, as the environment of one region compared to another are drastically different. “Hours of sunlight, amount of wind, average yearly temperature, rainfall, and many other factors change the approach to designing fully sustainable housing complexes for each region,” says Ashley. The goal has always been to be more focused on the citizens of the world and the environment, more so than relieving stress on the national grid (although that’s also a great benefit for societies in general). “Our vision is to allow poorer people a healthier, more affordable, environmentally conscious, approach to housing.”

With more and more renewable energy sources being integrated into the grid, there are challenges with understanding that the renewable sources fluctuate a lot more than conventional generation methods. “One way we can continue to help the grid is by using the same technology while keeping the transmission localized to the end user,” says Ashley. “Probably one of our biggest stretch goals would be to build a fully-sustainable high-rise in the United States.” Ashley is having a commemorative boomerang made, as he calls 2021 “The year of the boomerang.” “The boomerang symbolizes our ability to come back, together, stronger than ever, even when at times it seemed like the lives we have built for ourselves will never be the same because of COVID-19” IE


InnoTech Construction


Ashley Shreve
CEO of InnoTech Construction


InnoTech has built a reputation for the safety, quality and commitment we bring to every project around the United States. We consistently deliver superior results, safely, even while facing the most challenging of environments. We pride ourselves on having an award winning safety program and most recently received a top safety award for having no OSHA recordables in the last 5 years.

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