Bill Howatt, Founder & CEO of Howatt HR Consulting, Top 10 Admired Leaders of 2022

Bill Howatt
Founder & CEO
Howatt HR Consulting

Bill Howatt, Founder & CEO of Howatt HR Consulting

“Pioneer for creating psychologically safe workplaces”

Dr. Bill Howatt is founder and CEO of Howatt HR ( He is known internationally and is one of Canada’s top experts in workplace mental health. He supports workplace mental health using evidence-based research and promoting a Plan – Do – Check – Act approach to implementing workplace mental health. Dr. Bill has over 30 years of experience in mental health, addictions, and workplace mental health. He has published 300 articles with The Globe and Mail, is an Instructor for the University of New Brunswick, and has published over 50 books.

Howatt HR is committed to supporting employers to create psychologically safe workplaces. Howatt HR provides guidance on creating safe cultures, impacting workers’ mental health (preventing mental harm and promoting mental health), and supporting leaders to become psychologically safe leaders. Howatt HR bases its work on applied research.

Howatt HR’s core work focuses on cultural shaping, using the Mental Fitness Index (MFI) and listening tours. The company focuses on workers’ mental health, preparing leaders to be psychologically safe leaders, supporting organizations to develop evidence-based mental health strategies, and training to facilitate psychologically safe workplaces.

A Human Resources firm focused on psychological health and safety

Our purpose is to support employers, leaders and employees to reduce mental harm and promote mental health in the workplace.

Howatt HR’s purpose is to guide employers on reducing mental harm and promoting mental health in the workplace. Dr. Bill strongly believes workplace mental health is no longer a nice-to-have since all workers’ success depends on it. Workers’ mental health impacts their energy, creativity, and ability to perform to their potential. Howatt HR provides employers with practical how-to actions for impacting psychologically safe workplaces, inclusion, and performance results.

Howatt HR’s approach to workplace mental health helps employers maximize the employee experience (coming to work because they want to versus having to). Stress and mental health are becoming a priority for leaders, and more boards of directors are asking how they are supporting workers’ mental health. An organization’s sustainability is at risk without a safe and healthy workplace.

Dr. Bill explains, “Our products support employers to learn how to support their workers’ mental health. Growing concerns about workers’ mental health include increased risk of sick time, disability claims, and turnover due to increases in workers’ self-reported mental health concerns. There is also rising concern about leaders’ burnout. We provide leaders with training and coaching on protecting themselves and their workforce from burnout. Howatt HR guides employers to creating psychologically safe cultures.”

Howatt HR’s most exciting technology is scaling and digitizing employees’ mental fitness journeys. This program blends technology and people to support every worker in creating a personalized mental fitness plan. The program focuses on adherence and keeping workers engaged in developing habits that promote long-term mental health.

Howatt HR purports that workplaces can create caring cultures that promote workplace mental health. However, success requires employees’ buy-in and participation. Employers can buy workers gym memberships to get in shape, but workers must exercise regularly. The same is true for mental fitness. Employers who adopt a Plan – Do – Check – Act approach increase their opportunity for psychological safety in the workplace. IE


Howatt HR Consulting


Bill Howatt
Founder & CEO
Howatt HR Consulting


Howatt HR is a different approach to managing your organization’s people and processes. Other HR consultancies will design programs around your people. But we look at your organization holistically, from 360 degrees. Our proprietary TalOp® process is unique product that provides managers with transparency into people, process and cultural improvement and employee health. These are critical factors that drive an organization’s management framework; we help our clients achieve operational excellence through aligning strategic planning with people and operational goals.

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