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Bob Nienaber
Chief Executive Officer
benefitRFP, Inc.

Cheryl Wilson Griffin, COO of Lupl

“Focus on work-life balance”

To help organizations and consultants plan their futures, BenefitRFP employs the most innovative technology available. To help you make the best financial decisions for your situation, BenefitRFP, Inc.'s Bob Nienaber, CEO, explains that our goal is to give back as much of your most precious asset as possible: time.

Bob is constantly willing to train or advise others, despite his busy schedule. He is concerned about work-life balance. Bob advises that to be successful at work, one must avoid distractions. He contributes his knowledge and experience to his coworkers. He dedicates the same attention to his private life as well. He switches off his phone to focus on his loved ones or friends. BenefitRFP operates Monday through Thursday with Fridays as a floating day to provide employees with time off. On Fridays, the crew is free to do anything. If needed, the full team is accessible on Fridays to help clients. He welcomes improvement and often weighs all the options before deciding.

BenefitRFP's MATRIX™ technology operates from the position that clients and/or consultants have little or no prior knowledge of executive benefit plans, which is why it is so simple to use and extremely effective. Bob thinks that you can never teach or advise someone too much. At the same time, Bob serves as an advocate for the financial services industry and executive benefits with members of Congress, He is very enthusiastic about his work and his clients' needs. For him, it does not matter what their level of competency is in our industry.

One of the most valuable lessons to take away from Bob's life is that he does not believe in the phrase "can't." Bob advises that you do not stop when you reach a problem; rather, you reevaluate the circumstances and produce a better solution. Even though traditional solutions frequently entail a lot of work and may even necessitate the cooperation of many people; thinking creatively is what has changed the world. In addition, he is a relentless student of self-education, always striving to improve.

As a Registered Principal, he holds a number of certifications, including a ChFC, CLU, RICP, and Series 6, 63, 7, and 24, and he is always looking for innovative ideas and ways to think about things.

According to Bob, when questioned about the company's future, BenefitRFP will become a one-stop destination for all firms to fulfill their insurance and investment needs, as well as general benefits, executive benefits, and succession planning. To deliver optimal solutions, organizations can use plan diagnostics provided by the proprietary technology. The MATRIX™ HEATMAP™ technology examines all insurance policies to ensure that all companies that pay for their plans do so in the most cost-effective and value-based manner possible.

Participants can also evaluate current and future plan values using the benefitCONCIERGE™ technology to guarantee that all plan payouts along with other investments held by clients including social security values are maximized, while negative impacts such as state or federal taxes are minimized or eliminated. Other risk and wealth management technologies include benchmarking, risk insurance management, succession planning, and many more. This is expected from a company that has been awarded the “global leader in risk and wealth management” by many of the most prestigious assessment firms and publications.

Due to its patented technology, BenefitRFP currently has no competitors. Bob has a unique perspective about competition. It is his opinion that “competition is self-regulated. Every day. You should strive to be the best you and your company can be,” adds Bob. “Always provide the best viable solutions and keep improving them. You are the only thing that is getting in your way. If you stop pushing, your customers, partners, and even yourself will suffer." This is a particularly crucial point, especially knowing this is coming from the creator of the company that recently won the International Go Global All Industry Service Award.

BenefitRFP receives a lot of requests from corporate clients to conduct executive benefit audits of their current plans compared to what they could have. Customers are delighted to hear that they may offer a wider range of benefits, risk and wealth services while saving the organization millions of dollars by making a few simple changes.

His team will tell you, “Together with our founder's relentless focus on unparalleled drive for achievement combined with our technology and service models, we always far exceed our clients’ initial goals of achieving top performing plans. Over the next six months, BenefitRFP’s technology will be made available to all businesses in the United States. Companies will be able to conduct their own diagnostics and financial comparisons because of our technology expansion. “In the way that Uber revolutionized taxis or Amazon changed shopping, this will revolutionize the financial industry by making risk and wealth management planning accessible and simple via an app 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” concludes Bob. IE


benefitRFP, Inc.


Bob Nienaber
Chief Executive Officer
benefitRFP, Inc.


benefitRFP, Inc. is a national provider of Executive Benefit Plan solutions. We endeavor to deliver clarity, understanding and knowledge to our clients so that they can avoid the confusion associated with executive benefit planning.

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