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Brad Lucier
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Success lies in serving the community

According to Brad Lucier, Vice President, HVAC Solutions. is a multi-trade mechanical company committed to providing exceptional service and quality work, as well as adaptable and innovative solutions that always prioritize health and safety.

One of the most intriguing, yet challenging aspects of business has been guiding HVAC Solutions through a transformational phase, says Brad. The company successfully redesigned its organizational structure in order to remain competitive after the 2016 wildfires and the economic downturn, while adhering to our fundamental ideals and unshakable commitment to our clients. Determination, which is, in my opinion, the key to professional and personal success. Perseverance and dedication will always triumph in the end.

My father instilled in me an ingrained sense of self-reliance and leadership. He was seriously injured in his twenties because of a car accident, severely limiting his work opportunities. When most people would be permanently crippled, my father stood even in the face of adversity. Rather than waiting for an opportunity to knock on his door, he went out and made things happen for our family. He will always remain a source of inspiration for me that I have passed on to my children and organization, says Brad.

When it comes to entrepreneurship, it gives me great pleasure to share my knowledge and experiences with young entrepreneurs. Mentorship is vital for new business owners. The best help they can get at times is just talking to someone who has been in their shoes. I assist them focus on their goals, mission, and what makes their firm special. Make it a habit to get up every day and fight for your organization and the people that rely on you to lead them, says Brad.

As a leader, Brad has also learnt to persevere. When customers choose to engage with us, they gain immediate access to our vast knowledge base for resolving any building difficulties that may come across. We always strive to view challenges through the eyes of our customers and work diligently to earn their trust. He adds, our company culture does not end and begin at our doors; it pervades all we do for our consumers.

With the digital revolution, many businesses can now afford marketing. In Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo, business growth and marketing remain traditional. HVAC Solutions has embraced digital marketing but will never lose sight that face-to-face relationships are the core of their success. Brad explains, It all comes down to having the right talent on our team. The company's goal is to minimize disruptions for their client’s business, and their employees. HVAC Solutions are quick and efficient, allowing businesses and organizations to keep running. As the region's most experienced Refrigeration Company with over 18 years of operation, we can quickly respond to and resolve client's issues. We focus on predictable and preventive HVAC system maintenance. After all these years, no one knows our clients' buildings better than we do. We help our clients save money by proactively identifying work that needs to be done before problems arise.

Brad cites that many HVAC companies set up business in Fort McMurray to get a large contract at the Oil Sands. When this happens, they move their operation to the Oil Sands and turn their backs on the business in town. Our focus has always been to look after Municipal (in-town) clients first and foremost. Once we grew large enough, we designated a separate division solely for looking after the Oil Sands business.

We have partnered with Division 26 Electrical and Fire Safety Canada to provide a one-stop shop for our clients when we perform repairs in their facilities. Whether it's electrical, mechanical, plumbing, refrigeration or fire safety, we can now assist our clients in quickly resolving issues, they may have. Finally, by saving our clients time and money, we increase their, peace of mind, adds Brad.

Community Futures Wood Buffalo, Careers, Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo Economic Development and Tourism are all committed to helping businesses and entrepreneurs succeed. As an entrepreneur, I feel it is critical to have a network of reliable partners. Helping entrepreneurs focus on their business.

I believe that if you want to succeed, you should be surrounded by successful people. I have found that volunteering time, talent, and money to non-profit organizations is the most efficient method to do this. By donating, you help make the community a better place, and in return, the community will look after you, concludes Brad. IE


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Brad Lucier
Vice President
HVAC Solutions


Established in 2004, HVAC Solutions has been a landmark company in the RMWB. Consistently serving Commercial, Grocery, Hospitality, and Industrial businesses in Northern Alberta.

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