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Make strategic thinking a daily practice

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of business, successful leaders possess a unique set of skills and qualities that set them apart from the rest. One such leader is Brian 'BK' Kent, PhD, the president of, who has been making waves in the industry for almost two decades. Brian's journey from military service to entrepreneurship is marked by a dedication to continuous learning, adaptability, and a strong focus on people and processes. This article delves deeper into his inspiring journey and sheds light on the importance of making strategic thinking a daily practice in leadership.

After retiring from the military, Brian 'BK' Kent founded his second of many companies, with a clear mission in mind: to find and utilize new technologies that would aid the military and first responders. His primary focus was on providing innovative solutions that could enhance their safety and efficiency in carrying out their crucial duties. This mission not only reflected his desire to serve those who protect and serve the nation but also laid the foundation for his future success as an entrepreneur.

Today, Brian serves clients as a senior consultant, fractional CEO/CFO, and board member. Together with his dedicated team, he works diligently to deliver the right technology to the right people, serving both government and commercial clients. Their dedication lies in realizing the client’s vision and helping organizations establish effective growth strategies, despite the challenges they face.

Brian Kent’s leadership Journey was shaped by several influential role models who left a lasting impact on him. Two of the earliest influences were his fathers, both entrepreneurs, who instilled in him the values of common sense and an unwavering work ethic. From a resilient amputee farmer during his upbringing, Brian learned the importance of perseverance and the power of determination. These early experiences laid the foundation for his strategic thinking and shaped his professional life in remarkable ways.

Brian's journey to entrepreneurship began when he left home at the age of 17 to join the military. His time in the military exposed him to essential communication and problem-solving skills while leading small teams. However, it was his exposure to high-ranking military officials and their strategic thinking that gave him a unique perspective on problem-solving. He incorporated these strategic thinking skills into his personal and professional life, setting him on a path to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

As a leader, Brian 'BK' Kent understands the importance of continuous learning and career expansion. He values diverse perspectives and actively seeks guidance from experts to improve his leadership abilities continually. Through this approach, he has been able to stay ahead of the curve and adapt to the dynamic business landscape effectively.

Brian's dedication to mentorship has also played a pivotal role in his growth as a leader. He deliberately seeks advice from specialists in various fields, recognizing the value of learning from those who have walked the path before him. This commitment to learning and mentorship has been instrumental in his professional development and serves as an inspiration to those around him.

Dr Kent takes a strategic approach to recruiting employees, matching their skills and interests to suitable roles within the company. By creating a supportive environment where individuals can discover their talents and contribute meaningfully, he ensures that the team is equipped to achieve project success, satisfy customers, and staff, and drive overall company growth. This adaptability has allowed the company to thrive, even amidst changing market trends and challenges.

Brian believes that both people and processes play a crucial role in achieving task, project, and company success. By developing reliable procedures and managing customer and stakeholder relationships, leaders can improve teamwork and drive business success. He places significant importance on maintaining a balance between the human element and systematic processes to optimize efficiency and productivity.

His commitment to employee development and effective leadership has earned one of his Companies, K3 Enterprises, recognition on the Inc. 5000 list of fast-growing US companies two times. Brian has invested considerable time and resources in team training, ensuring that they remain competitive and adaptable in the market.

Looking ahead, BK sees a promising future for his company. He is currently working on a book that addresses strategy, people, and business development, and plans to develop training modules on leadership and relationship management. Scaling the model and sharing insights with a broader audience are part of their exciting initiatives for the near future.

Brian 'BK' Kent's journey from military service to entrepreneurship is a testament to the power of strategic thinking in leadership. Through continuous learning, adaptability, and a strong focus on people and processes, he has achieved remarkable success in his business ventures. By prioritizing effective communication and relationship management, Brian has created a collaborative and supportive environment that fosters growth and success for all stakeholders involved. As his company continues to grow and adapt, Brian remains optimistic about the future, driven by a commitment to providing valuable solutions to clients and making a positive impact on organizations worldwide.

Looking into the future, Brian acknowledges the business landscape is constantly evolving, presenting both opportunities and challenges. He anticipates several major business trends that may impact the industry, such as globalization and potential outsourcing opportunities. With China's influence expected to rise, new job possibilities may emerge, necessitating a rethink in approach to work and a heightened consideration of external factors and risks.



Brian Kent, PhD


Dr. Brian Kent is a global leader and senior consultant focusing on international and Domestic Operations. Over the past 3 decades he has worked in multiple levels of leadership with several government agencies to build partner capacity and provide strategy for integration across the Department of Defense and Department of State. This work in emerging technologies focuses in the areas of ISR, Data, Biometrics and Logistics.

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