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“Unleash Your Extraordinary”

Chad Burmeister, CEO of, and Founder of Living A Better Story, is convinced that within a few years, most sales professionals will employ a virtual assistant (or more than one) to help them execute repetitive tasks (like sourcing a lead list, sending emails, or connecting with prospects on social media) so that they can focus on higher value work. And is happy to provide these virtual assistants.

Chad launched in December 2017 and has interviewed nearly 75 people on the AI for Sales Podcast ( Chad continues to be intrigued at how AI (machine learning, natural language processing, and other types of AI) is being deployed to enhance the customer experience while up-leveling the sales professional to do much more work than before.

One example of a campaign launched in early 2021 by a woman at a well-known networking company resulted in 126 replies from her best prospects. According to the Vice President of Marketing, “we have tried multiple sales and marketing programs, and ScaleX is the best by far.”

"Living A Better Story helps people understand, unlock and then unleash their “extraordinary” so that they can solve business problems, be competitive, persist, believe and have hope."

-When adversity strikes, this CEO turns to God-

In early 2021, Chad faced the toughest few weeks of his life when his 19-year-old son, a Dean’s List college student at Colorado School of Mines, was in an oil fire at his apartment in Golden, Colorado. The call came in around 6pm on February 17th when he said, “Mom, I’ve been in a car accident”. We mis-heard the first time, because he clarified that it was a “cooking accident”, and that his hands and face were badly burned.

Before the shock set it, Chad’s wife Tracey was headed to Golden to be there and Chad headed off to the burn center in Aurora, Colorado where he awaited the arrival of the ambulance for the next few hours. It was a snowy night that night in Colorado and getting around on the freeways was a slow go. When he finally arrived, it was bad. "Our son" had 2nd and 3rd degree burns on his face and hands.

That night, Chad posted this post on LinkedIn asking for prayers, and what he got was a lot more than that – he got a miracle. Chad downloaded this image with the word FAITH to his phone as a constant reminder that “God’s got this”, and he most certainly did.

After a few weeks at the burn center, when the wounds were just not seeming to get much better, Chad prayed this prayer “God, I’ve never asked you for a miracle. I’m asking now. Please heal my son so that he can glorify your name. Please do something that could only be explained as a miracle”. The next day the surgery was complete, and now all they could do was pray – and pray they did. Word got out about the accident to United Airlines flight attendants through Chad’s sister-in-law, multiple churches and prayer chains took action and began praying for him day and night.

What happened next can only be explained as a miracle. When the bandages were finally removed after the surgery, Chad's "son's" face was almost completely healed. Praise the Lord.

Leading up to the release from the hospital, Chad had been working on a new idea – Living A Better Story. Chad had experienced a transformation a few years ago while attending a life coaching seminar in San Diego with a group of 150+ powerful life coaches and now he wanted to give the gift of transformation to others – which is why he launched the Living A Better Story Executive retreat in early March. He was fortunate enough to have a group of 12 entrepreneurs and executives from all over the country travel to Powder Mountain, Utah for this four-day transformational experience.

Since then, Chad has launched the Living A Better Story Podcast and has already had 12 guests on the show, he’s booked the next year of Living A Better Story Experiences and is in process of launching an app aimed at helping busy professionals do the three important things each day – pray, read the bible, and act. Living A Better Story helps people understand, unlock and then unleash their “extraordinary” so that they can solve business problems, be competitive, persist, believe and have hope. IE



Chad Burmeister
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ScaleX was launched in December, 2017, by Chad Burmeister, four-time sales author, voted by the American Association of Inside Sales Professional as a Top 25 Inside Sales Leader for 10 years in a row, and former leader of sales teams at companies including: Cisco-WebEx, Riverbed Technology, ON24, RingCentral, and ConnectAndSell.

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