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Dave Breith
Group CEO of Firexo

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“Saving Lives, Belongings, Property & Places”

Dave Breith, Group CEO of Firexo, has been an ardent follower of the “can do”’ and “rolls your sleeves up” attitude, which has greatly helped him and his team navigate the past few years been anything other than normal. “My approach through this unprecedented time has been to make the most of all the business had achieved before the pandemic, drawing attention to operational aspects that can be achieved,” he says. “Constantly assessing both the UK and international positioning, whether sales or operational, we are trying to be at the sharp end of identifying opportunity as well as taking swift action so as not to lose traction or waste any time.” Firexo will look back at this time with disbelief due to the magnitude of work accomplished and pride in the results achieved.

Firexo’s initiative was to create a revolutionary all-in-one fire extinguishing solution to help remove unnecessary choice at the point of a fire emergency. This magnificent accomplishment has resulted in a ground-breaking substance to help eliminate confusion, no matter the segment: residential, commercial, governmental, council, private, professional, event, distributor, or fire-fighting organizations. “Everyone knows what a fire extinguisher is, most know that there are multiple types: Powder, foam, water, CO2 & wet chemical - many know that using the wrong one can have disastrous consequences but few actually know which one should be used on which fire especially in an emergency,” explains Breith. “We offer a unique product which extinguishes any fire and in a fraction of the time of the competition.”

"Firexo’s initiative was to create a revolutionary all-in-one fire extinguishing solution to help remove unnecessary choice at the point of a fire emergency."

Breith and his team have blended 100’s tons of their patented liquid, signed 10’s of independent distributors, and are selling through many major retailers in such a short space of time. This has been achieved through strategic planning as well as finding tactical solutions. “We have been at the forefront of all production, working tirelessly alongside my teams to provide clear aims, objectives in order to meet targets and overcome hurdles successfully,” he says. “We have a relatively small capacity really at the moment and are able to blend 20 tons per day, 100 per week, and plans to expand to 240 tons per day.”

Having a unique product ‘that does exactly what it says on the tin’ is helpful, although change is not always welcomed in the way one might hope in a stayed industry. “We have no direct competition really, as no one does what we do, but we do plan ahead well in advance to overcome any objections,” says Breith. “Our objections never come from our customers, but always from our competitors that love the product, but cannot or unwilling to buy it because it is far to disruptive for them and their business, they are used to selling 2 or 3 fire extinguishers in a go, and selling maintenance on 2 or 3 per annum, with Firexo you only need one, which is great for the end user, but not for the manufacturer.”

The company is now determined to test rigorously to all standardizations and, where there aren’t any, to create highly advanced tests to prove success and consistency. Firexo is the only fire product company to video their entire tests and publish not only the results but the footage as indisputable proof on their website, “why would others not do this, the answer is simple as if you saw a powder extinguisher go off, you would never buy one.” Breith adds, “We are now rolling out our Motorsport division also with Knock hill race course in Scotland an early adopter as well as the Scottish Motorsport Safety Marshals using it also, in fact they said ‘Firexo is the Gold Standard in Fire Fighting’.” The company plans a large-scale fire towards the end of the year multiple acres demonstrating the extinguishant, retardancy, and fertilizing capability of fx73. “We have been approached for a brand new invention by a manufacturer to test our specialist foam based product aimed at the oil and gas sector, they want to use fire trucks and drones within the UAE the coming months,” adds Breith.




Dave Breith
Group CEO of Firexo


The revolution in firefighting is here. Firexo has engineered a global game-changing liquid to extinguish all types of fire fast, with no chance of re-ignition. The Firexo mission is to save lives and transform the firefighting industry around the globe. The need for several traditional different fire extinguishers in one location can lead to time wasting during the fire-extinguishing process and use of the wrong substance can have disastrous consequences. Firexo eradicates this concern by tackling all types of fire with its one liquid-based solution, even cooling the material to a temperature that can be handled. The ground-breaking Firexo makes putting fires out much quicker and, most importantly, much safer in all circumstances whether it be in a household, a car or an office building that is fiercely ablaze.

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