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Dee Armstrong
Senior Director of Echo Project Management Group

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“Giving Patient’s A Voice”

Dee Armstrong, Senior Director of Project Management & Operations, Echo Project Management Group, Inc, has created a different environment for the company. It is an environment of care and sympathy where they refuse to let rare diseases and conditions within healthcare define a person or their life. This vision rings true through the ECHO staff and the quality of work and services they generate. They welcome everyone with open arms and treat everyone as a family member, building long-lasting relationships.

One of Dee’s biggest passions is helping others achieve their dreams, and she ensures women in their surroundings can hone this same passion. Her advice to everyone is to learn what it takes to not run a company and do the complete opposite. “Treat your team how you would want to be treated within a company, the golden rule. The team at ECHO works with me, not for me. Appreciation, gratitude and trust go a long way. This is a great recipe for a strong team. Always stay humble!!”

Watching her parents grow successful companies throughout her childhood inspired Dee. It instilled in her two very important values—work ethic and integrity. “These two values have helped create the foundation for my continued success. I never set out to be a great or inspiring leader. I set out to make a difference. It’s always been about the vision, the goal and about each person’s story influencing another.”

"ECHO is patient-centric and wants these patients' stories to be an ECHO for the medical community so that they can hear what the patients have to say."

Armed with these strong values, Dee incorporated ECHO. “While growing up, I watched my uncle suffer from severe schizophrenia. When my grandmother was later diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease, it took such a terrible toll on my family,” she shares. “Medical professionals did little to help at the time and we felt powerless in the ability to assist either beloved relative the way they needed to be taken care of, they were just a number.”

She founded ECHO to advance patient-centered medical research by recruiting people who are willing to share their experiences with rare diseases, health conditions, and mental illnesses. As part of their connected community, they have the opportunity to be heard. “The valuable information they provide about their diagnosis and treatment which will be used by physicians, pharmaceutical companies and other medical institutions to improve patient services and further the healthcare arena. They are no longer just a number.”

What sets ECHO apart is that they care about every panel member. They work hard to maintain relationships with all of their patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals. “We aren’t your traditional medical research company. We go the extra mile each and every time whether it be growing our panel organically or simply maintaining the strong relationships we have formed within our panel,” explains Dee. “Many times we find ourselves having 45-minute conversations with our panel members. They crave that human connection when it comes to the medical field. The difference is WE CARE and WE WANT to make a difference in each person’s life for their future healthcare needs.”

ECHO is patient-centric and wants these patients’ stories to be an ECHO for the medical community so that they can hear what the patients have to say. “Together, we will create positive change for ourselves, our fellow community members and future generations!”

“Rethinking how we reach medical patients with rare conditions has been our biggest accomplishment with implementing referrals from the healthcare arena. We have found our niche within connecting physicians and our end clients with quality pre-vetted respondents. We have many wonderful plans in the works,” says Dee. “We are adding services that will connect patients across their conditions to offer support and feedback. I guess you will have to stay tuned for the reveal! We are a small but powerful company who is making huge strides in the future of healthcare whether it be medication, devices or simply feedback to healthcare professionals on how to better a patients’ experience. WE are not another number. WE are human. WE need to be HEARD!” IE


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Dee Armstrong
Senior Director of Echo Project Management Group


ECHO Project Management Group, Inc.™ is a patient-centered medical research recruiting company dedicated to creating relationships beyond the ordinary. Patient insight is of the utmost importance. We value our patients, caregivers, and their experience. We take medical research to the next level.

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