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Dr. Andy Khawaja is a highly publicized philanthropist and world-renowned entrepreneur who has been featured in over 100 publications for his contributions to technology, society, and economic growth. He’s participated in dozens of live interviews with thought leaders such as Larry King and received accolades for his achievements from leaders, politicians, and public figures globally.

His philanthropist ideals motivate his achievements. Dr. Khawaja continues to be a significant contributor to charitable organizations, including UNICEF, Wounded Warrior Project, Eagle and Badge Foundation, After-School All-Stars, Star Team for the Children, Brent Shapiro Foundation, and more. Dr. Khawaja is not only a successful leader but a large contributor to global societies. He’s not only an innovator of technology but a contributor to a better environment for future generations. As a natural-born entrepreneur, Dr. Khawaja’s objective is to build, innovate, succeed, and give back. Talking to Industry Era, Dr. Khawaja says:

I am honestly motivated by current events and the things I see going on in the world. I’m driven by the change that I envision for the future. I want to make the world a better place for future generations. To achieve this, it’s essential to take steps towards it actively. I know we can create a better standard of living globally, so I created an Artificial Intelligence Defense Platform. We create, improve, innovate, and design for the future.

Artificial Intelligence Defense Platform (AIDP) was an idea that had been forming for many years. I established AIDP officially in 2020. We’re building the future and changing the way tasks are performed. AIDP uses artificial intelligence technology to create its pioneer program, “ISABELLA.”

The open-source, Wi-Fi-connected technology within ISABELLA will be connected to the internet and able to observe, learn, and act. ISABELLA will read and retain information. We’re creating new technology and machines that will use ISABELLA’s processing mind to perform labor and even offer military functionality.

The human mind can only process so much, and humanity can only endure a certain amount of pressure and perform a finite amount of labor before it must rest. ISABELLA’s artificial intelligence technology will have access to unlimited information with the ability to learn and process multi-lingual data from the internet, encyclopedias, and even intelligence resources.

ISABELLA will be the AI technology driving the future. ISABELLA is limitless.

Since I started AIDP, innovation has not stopped, and it never will. We continually create new departments to innovate different aspects of life and society, integrating new technological advancements into every industry. We have many departments focusing on AI advancement in several sectors. For example, we have a department focusing on AI technology for child advancement. The youth is our future, and we want to devote our efforts not only to the advancement of humankind but to the advancement of our children.

We have another department focused on sustainable life on Mars. We have another department working to revolutionize the workplace, focusing on health and morale. Another department is utilizing AI technology for psychological advancements. AIDP is creating software and machines that enable humans and machines to collaborate to more accurately diagnose illnesses, physical and mental. We can save lives with more accurate physical diagnoses. But also, we can save lives by better diagnosing and treating mental illness.

All of our projects will benefit countless people for generations to come. We’ve seen unprecedented loss as a society in the past few years. Covid-19 devastated global economies and left global populations struggling to survive with minimal resources and basic needs. This will surely not be our last global crisis. Imagine if we were faced with a virus 100 times more powerful… How would we endure a deadlier or longer-lasting pandemic? Covid-19 only reinforced what I sought to build many years ago. AIDP is creating the AI technology that will drive the future. Artificial Intelligence personnel can drive, pick up waste, deliver necessities, and do the work that humans cannot.

We are developing ISABELLA and compatible machines to help humanity and protect the world’s population. ISABELLA will keep us safe and functional when conditions are deplorable. We are contributing to the competitive global platform by changing the world. We are creating a better future. We’re pushing technological and societal advancement. We’re not only bringing new ideas and products to the world, but we are also heavily influencing change and innovation. The world will be a different place, a better place, because of AIDP. As the founder of AIDP, I am proud of what we are creating, and I believe we will change the world. You have to have passion for what you do and believe in what you do. IE


Artificial Intelligence Defense Platform


Dr. Andy Khawaja
Artificial Intelligence Defense Platform


Artificial Intelligence Defense Platform (AIDP) is building the future and changing the way tasks are performed. E-Commerce pioneer, Dr. Andy Khawaja, stepped away from the payment services industry after over a decade of success and hundreds of awards to innovate and create new technology that will change the world.

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