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Dr. Hoon Kim
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
SeeDevice Inc.

Paul H. Pearce, President of GreatDemo!

Revolutionizing new ways to improve society

SeeDevice Inc., an innovative image sensor company led by their visionary Founder and CEO Dr. Hoon Kim, excitingly introduces their revolutionary QMOS™ (quantum effect CMOS) to the market. Their low-light and infrared sensor can be seamlessly integrated into various applications spanning the automotive, biomedical, and industrial markets. Maintaining a common CMOS (complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) production process makes cost-effectiveness while also providing high performance possible.

Dr. Kim explains that QMOS™ image sensor have tremendous potential because of its pure silicon-based CMOS construction, an industry standard. Although undetectable to the human eye, its light detection capabilities are focused on the SWIR (short-wave infrared) range.

To enhance performance, numerous companies have successfully utilized innovative materials such as InGaAs (Indium Gallium Arsenide) and Germanium to significantly enhance visibility into the SWIR range. The materials and manufacturing procedures associated with exotic materials contribute to the excessive cost and unattainability of the technology for many. To combat the exorbitant costs and manufacturing processes of InGaAs technology, SeeDevice’s patented combination of quantum plasmonic and tunneling in a standard silicon CMOS sensor grants visibility into the SWIR region. Moreover, their incredibly affordable manufacturing costs associated with a standard CMOS process make SWIR sensor integration accessible to numerous companies.

Dr. Kim established SeeDevice with the exciting vision of revolutionizing image sensors with his unique technology. His goal was to find a scalable and affordable alternative to SWIR sensors and the exciting potential of CMOS-SWIR sensors, inspiring the introduction of their groundbreaking QMOS™ sensor. Due to his unwavering belief in their technology, his goal for the company has always been to surpass performance and customer expectations. As the industry changes, their company and business style has evolved and adapted for new opportunities and possibilities that arise.

Previous experience in research and teaching has greatly influenced and shaped Dr. Kim's leadership style in a positive way. Nurturing growth and encouraging curiosity in his team are always at the forefront of his philosophy. He passionately guides every SeeDevice employee to explore and improve their technical background because he believes that each person's contribution is vital to their technological advancements. Each member of SeeDevice, with their shared knowledge of the company’s technology, is encouraged to introduce ideas that ultimately lead to innovations in the company’s offerings.

Since image sensor technology has a plethora of information and applications, Dr. Kim enthusiastically encourages team members to ask questions and indulge their curiosity. SeeDevice consistently fosters a positive and collaborative environment, encouraging teamwork.

The week starts on a positive note with an exciting all-team meeting, providing an opportunity for members to share their ideas, explain concepts, and gain insights into each other's projects. From there, the team collaborates across divisions to successfully complete projects and meet deadlines. Each week ends with a team lunch, providing a wonderful opportunity for members to strengthen their bonds outside of their projects.

As a team, they are dedicated to staying up to date with every industry they engage with. They proactively stay informed about competitors through social media, blogs, investor reports, and press releases. Compared to other technologies, SeeDevice is fortunate to be the only one utilizing quantum technology in pure CMOS-SWIR image sensors. Their marketing strategy is to empower clients with knowledge about the countless advantages of their technology over others.

Furthermore, as an image sensor company, they have numerous exciting commercialization opportunities to penetrate several markets. In their latest groundbreaking achievement, they have successfully developed a non-invasive continuous glucose monitoring (NI-CGM) device. Their sensor uses advanced SWIR sensing to effortlessly detect blood glucose molecules through the skin into the bloodstream, guaranteeing painless and prick-free glucose monitoring continuously. This was an incredible shift, and Dr. Kim's NI-CGM research leadership experience greatly assisted the team in adapting quickly. The team has accomplished numerous rounds of testing in less than six months and is confident of achieving a remarkable accuracy rate.

Dr. Kim is hopeful that advancements in their NI-CGM will help the global population of over a billion diabetics effectively manage diabetes, including men, women, and children of all ages. With continued efforts, they can work towards reducing the financial impact of diabetes management, aiming to improve affordability for the 1.3 billion people suffering from unaffordable costs associated with diabetes in the next 30 years.


SeeDevice Inc.


Dr. Hoon Kim
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
SeeDevice Inc.


A company developing CMOS-SWIR image sensors using quantum based photodetector technology for computer & machine vision applications in automotive, industrial, biomedical and many more.

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