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Eddie Riveira
Absolute Mobility Center

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“Let your imaginations be your reflections”

Absolute Mobility Center is a quick and convenient way to locate a wheelchair van. We have new and used vans, trucks, and SUVs available, says Eddie Riveira, Owner of Absolute Mobility Center. Consumers in Woodinville, Tacoma, Seattle, Bellevue, and Bothell have relied on our services. We are aware that car buyers are knowledgeable. The Absolute Mobility Center makes it easier to get information about vehicles, which makes the purchase more valuable. Absolute Mobility Center is still a family owned and operated business today, 33 years after their inception.

Eddie Riveira exemplifies perseverance, resilience, and determination. Together with his wife, Amanda Riveira, he launched "Absolute Mobility Center" in their garage in 1989 and grew it to two locations in Western Washington. Eddie's ability to listen, observe, and problem solve allows him to help consumers with no other options. He handles challenges imaginatively and finds answers till the customer is satisfied, comfortable, and safe. Eddie and Amanda have dedicated their lives to giving people with limited mobility freedom and independence on the road. Their work will continue long after they leave the "Absolute Mobility Center."

Eddie Riveira encourages anyone to pursue their passion with tenacity and perseverance. His advice to aspiring entrepreneurs would be to work hard and never give up, no matter how difficult the process may seem. Success is never a smooth road.

Eddie Riveira's top leadership lesson is hard work. He knew early on that if he showed up early, remained late, and encouraged his team to focus, he'd succeed. Eddie leads by example every day by opening up the location two hours before operating business hours and closing the doors each night. He and his wife, Amanda, are typically at the workplace late at night and on weekends. They've embraced hard work, and their success is due to the time they've spent creating their firm.

Eddie Riveira's open-door approach at the "Absolute Mobility Center" encourages employees to communicate difficulties, criticisms, and improvements. He actively listens, processes, and collaborates. If he receives criticism, he puts his ego aside and improves for the firm and team.

Eddie Riveira realized the future of vehicle sales was online at the onset of the technology boom, and "Absolute Mobility Center" has stayed ahead of the curve ever since. Serving customers across multiple states poses difficulties, but Eddie has equipped his sales team to show vehicles without ever having met the clients in-person. Not only does the "Absolute Mobility Center" have in-depth photos and videos of each vehicle easily accessible online, but the sales consultants will also create personalized videos for the clients based on their needs and the equipment they’re most interested in. Eddie spearheaded this initiative, and it has proven successful time and time again.

Every organization faces market competition, but "Absolute Mobility Center" has withstood the test of time and rivalry. The differentiating factors that separate Eddie and Amanda Riveira and their team are their knowledge, experience, and sincere dedication to helping their customers. There isn't another dealer in Western Washington with 33 years of experience, and "Absolute Mobility Center" customers like and, most importantly, trust the service and solutions they get.

Every customer at the "Absolute Mobility Center" requires a personalized approach as each individual poses a different set of challenges and abilities. One example is a customer who stood at 30-inches tall; the service team was able to get her behind the wheel by placing all driving functions within a 6-inch reach. Another example is customizing a wheelchair accessible van to accommodate a 650lb male behind the steering wheel. The technicians were able to install hand-controls so that he could accelerate and brake the vehicle with his left hand, steer the vehicle with his right hand, and activate all secondary driving controls with his voice. Absolute Mobility has also installed foot steering systems so person with no arms can drive a vehicle.

Eddie Riveira and his team of service technicians used their creativity and ingenuity to help these clients and many others get their own transportation. Without them, they would not have been able to get around on their own. Largest inventory with custom built indoor climate controlled showrooms to accommodate and keep their customers comfortable is what Absolute Mobility Center offers.

Eddie and Amanda Riveira are pleased to have met so many amazing and inspiring clients at the "Absolute Mobility Center." When they launched their firm, it was ambitious to create a dealership for disabled drivers, but it has been a lifeline for many without mobility. They redefined freedom and opened the globe to people the industry ignored.

Given the supply chain issues plaguing every industry post-COVID, "Absolute Mobility Center" made sure to plan ahead. They saw the potential problem early on and started a campaign to make sure they had enough vans on hand to help their customers in the coming months. IE


Absolute Mobility Center


Eddie Riveira
Absolute Mobility Center


Absolute Mobility Center is the premier mobility dealer in the Pacific Northwest. We specialize in wheelchair-accessible vehicles, and customized driving adaptations. We exclusively feature Braun innovative van conversions, and uphold their unparalleled standard of service to all of our customers.

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