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Elliot Steele
VP of Technology
RSG International

Edward Gubeno, MBA, Founder & CEO of EDJG Consulting, LLC

“Making Meaningful Impact”

RSG International (rsgint.com) is at the forefront of road safety infrastructure, a construction group of over a dozen road safety companies based in Canada and the United States. The group is involved in developing, installing, and maintaining critical safety infrastructure for roadways throughout North America, ensuring that all road users can reach their destinations safely. It includes companies like Powell Contracting (powellcontracting.com) and Peninsula Construction (peninsula.ca) that specialize in installation on roadways throughout Ontario, B&K Enterprises (strbk.com) does the same on the East Coast of the United States, and Safe Roads Research and Development (saferoadsrd.com), that specializes in road safety product development.

Elliot Steele joined RSG International as the technology leader a couple years ago as he saw an opportunity to have significant impact on the innovation and IT verticals of the growing company. RSG International’s focus on the people and safety spoke to Elliot and his own core values. “I was excited to join a progressive organization in the construction industry whose culture was the basis of dynamic growth and a bright future in its sector,” says Elliot. “My background is pretty diverse as I previously worked in commercial residential services with Orkin Canada, fashion retail with Cougar Shoes, and in the non-profit sector with Second Harvest. I was excited for a new challenge. When I met with the RSG’s leadership, I saw an opportunity to use my skills to drive growth for the organization.”

Elliot knows construction from his own childhood, having fond memories of visiting job sites with his father, who was a construction engineer. These early experiences piqued Elliot’s interest in the construction industry and the opportunity to join RSG International came at the perfect time. “RSG International is in growth mode, and they want to do things differently,” he states. “Working with a construction group that values technology and innovation is unique in the sector.”

The steadfast leader has been fortunate throughout his career to have had many mentors who supported throughout his career who helped him get to where he is today. “My mentors did not shy away from telling me what I did wrong or what I could have done better, this kind of feedback was instrumental in developing my skillset and helping me be an effective leader,” explains Elliot. And it’s Elliot’s unique ability to work to understand people’s differing perspectives and consider feedback that makes him such an adaptable leader. As he puts it, “Everyone brings a unique and valid perspective to the table. Taking the time to understand differing points of view and using that information to evolve is paramount to building strong teams and driving businesses forward.”

“My advice to everyone is to be vulnerable, be honest, and be kind. Those around you are looking for you to lead. Take the time to learn who they are, what drives them, and what their reality is outside of the office. Once you understand who they are and what they are looking for, you can help guide and engage them in their job. We are all people and looking to be valued for what we do, but take the time to know them as a person inside and outside of a work context.”

With this dynamic approach, Elliot is taking RSG International towards new heights and helping the company become a technology leader in the road safety sector. In the near future, his focus will be on integrating their recent acquisitions and introducing a new technology strategy to RSG International. “In 5 years, we will be unrecognizable. We will have new systems in place, new technologies, and we will have transformed how we work,” says Elliot. “We will continue to push the envelope on leadership and not accept the status quo and we will continue to ask why. Why should we do it that way, why should we do this job? Why should we accept that answer.” partnerships to achieve success. He's seeking someone he can rely on to collaborate behind the scenes, and he's eager to let vendors and providers show him what they're capable of.

This company's strength is its community of people, and they must remember that diversity is an asset. Bringing together voices that are now unheard allows them to become more unified and stronger. Elliot claims that RSG is more willing to experiment and take risks than many other businesses because they recognize that failure will only strengthen them and make them better able to learn from their mistakes. They want experts with a wealth of information to give who are eager to help others learn and improve. This can help them develop.

Elliot should also work with individuals who differ from him, push him, teach him something he doesn't know, and be vulnerable around him if he wants to develop and progress.

Elliot values making his colleagues feel comfortable and protected, assisting them in pushing their boundaries, and assisting the team in reaching its maximum potential. Elliot believes that in order to learn and grow, everyone must fail. This provides a psychologically safe environment in which individuals understand there are no penalties for failing and their job is not jeopardized. He leads by being open and vulnerable. He recognizes that those around him want to achieve as well, and that by understanding them, we may help them succeed in their work. Everyone is human, and everyone wants to be recognized for their accomplishments, even if they occur outside of the office. You can create a workplace where everyone is energized and excited by taking the time to discover what excites those who work with you. You may encourage your employees to be their best selves and connect with their passions in ways other than collecting a pay check by engaging those passions.

RSG is a prominent provider of safety services in North America. It understands the importance of road safety, and their team is committed to providing their customers with the finest service possible. They are an MSP, thus they understand how to address the unique needs of their customers' businesses. They attempt to establish a user-friendly environment that prevents problems from happening. They feel that companies that are eager to learn and grow are the perfect fit for their organization. We would be delighted to speak with you if you are passionate about road safety and are willing to commit to their firm, says Elliot.

The employees here are working hard to make autonomous driving safer for everyone on the roads. They're exploring robotics and collecting data to help them make safe decisions. They'll have implemented new systems and technologies, hired new employees, and become a major player. They'll continue to ask questions and challenge accepted norms, and they'll always look for ways to improve their business. Elliot believes that the organization will need to adapt to rapidly changing technologies, and he is eager to share his knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject with future employers. He feels he didn't get the chance to do so during the interview and wants to do a better job next time. Elliot appreciates his job and is enthused about the opportunities that new technology offers.

RSG has a long history of creating its own products and software, as well as partnering with businesses to develop technology that helps workers return home at the end of the day and respond to issues in the fastest way possible. In 2018, RSG has been focused on collecting data to improve efficiency. This focus on data collection, virtual reality technology, and exoskeletons has reduced employee fatigue, while GPS systems track the environment to see where employees are and how they are working. RSG is also looking at potential markets to see what products are missing and if they should develop them. Their focus is on safety, so understanding all of this is important. In five years, they'll have made their company a leader in its industry! IE


RSG International


Elliot Steele
VP of Technology
RSG International


RSG International is a global leader in the road safety sector, composed of industry-leading road safety infrastructure businesses across North America. These include Powell Contracting, Peninsula Construction, B&K Enterprises, the Northward Group, Pivot Safety Products, Dimensional Products, and Summit Rentals.

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