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Building an Empire Together as a Family_

Mobica’s purpose is to ‘digitise the physical world’, providing tech talent-as-a-service to many of the most recognisable global players in this market, including Meta, Google, BMW, ABB, Samsung, and more. Gary Butters, CRO of Mobica, says,

“As a human-centred leader, Gary strongly believes recognising and valuing every member of the Mobica family has been a key element on the organisation’s continued success. “Our stated values include care, collaboration, and courage, ensuring a consistent culture of empathy and understanding for everyone in the family,” says Gary. In the past 12 months alone, the organisation has added more than 250 new Mobicans, while losing very few team members, so this people focussed approach is clearly reaping impressive rewards. All Mobicans are empowered to engage, challenge and question, while seeking new and improved ways of performing their roles. As part of its ‘Customer Success’ approach, Mobica has invested in building organisational processes and team structures that place its customers right at the heart of its culture.

“If you have used a laptop or smartphone today, listened to your in-car entertainment, vacuumed your home, typed into a search engine, or spent time on your social media, then you have probably engaged with code written by a member of the globally located Mobica family.”

Gary continues, “Mobica is a business built on providing an exceptional level of service to our customers, and solving their technical and business problems is a core part of what we do every day. This approach is particularly vital in a business that prides itself on providing world-class engineering talent to help our customers deliver their industry-leading offerings.”

“Our consistent growth has been achieved using a combination of ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) and ABM (Account Based Marketing) that ensure focus while investing in building long-term relationships for the future. By identifying companies in key target verticals, or those that use the same technology stack as their existing customers, Mobica is able to deliver immediate value in all new customer engagements.”

The results speak for themselves. In the past 18 months, Mobica has almost doubled its overall revenue, while increasing profitability in parallel. Over 20 new globally located enterprise customers have been added, and this growth has required Mobica to expand its operational footprint, with its tech talent now located in Poland, Germany, US, UK, Portugal and India.

“Our internal review process ensures all Mobica managers are held to the highest standards when it comes to their appraisals,” explains Gary. “We want to grow a community of the most talented people out there; problem solvers with cutting-edge skills and original ways of thinking. It’s why we’ve worked so hard to shape a culture our employees love. We offer best in class leadership and management learning courses, and are committed to promoting internally where possible. This approach, particularly when it comes to identifying and championing those that have the skills and qualities for leadership roles, ensures a positive culture is a Mobica hallmark”.

Naturally, Mobica constantly invests in technology to enhance its business. “Most recently, we introduced an NPS-based tool to ensure we were giving our customers the opportunity to provide feedback, in order to make sure our customers were consistently delighted with our service offering.” The result? Enviable net promoter scores that the company can be proud of, while identifying areas of opportunity to further improve customer satisfaction.

Today’s tech success, however, is reliant on having the right individuals available at the right time and place, with talent shortage presenting a significant challenge for many businesses. To help companies overcome this barrier, “We offer flexibility in the ways clients can work with us, ranging from providing technical specialists to taking full accountability for the outcome of your project, and have designed our services to deliver real value to their business.”

Whether that be providing wearable tech for the Metaverse, the most up-to-date in-car infotainment, or right down to the silicon that sits at the heart of all computers and mobile phones, Mobica is completely engaged in providing the talent that enables a ‘chip to cloud’ offering to be created.

“Mobica is in an excellent position to respond to whatever the market’s requirements become in the future,” adds Gary.

“We hire the top 10% of available global talent but we are also investing in training and developing these individuals, by monitoring software technology developments and working with our customers to identify their future needs, so we’re ready to meet them.”




Gary Butters
Chief Revenue Officer


Our software engineering capability covers a broad spectrum of technologies which, combined with robust methodologies and industry expertise, delivers solutions to our customers on every continent, every day.

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