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Gregory D Zlevo
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Michelle Rios, President of Blue Tiger Leadership, LLC

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Introduction: Gregory D. Zlevor, a dynamic figure in the world of leadership and executive education, has earned the honor of being recognized as one of the most inspiring leaders of 2023. With a career that spans several decades, Gregory has not only achieved personal success but has also made a profound impact on countless individuals, organizations, and communities. In this essay, we will delve into Gregory's journey, explore the transformative influence of his leadership programs on prominent global organizations, and uncover the distinctive approach that sets him apart as a true visionary in the field of leadership development.

A Leader and Innovator: At the helm of Westwood International, Gregory Zlevor has demonstrated the power of competent leadership. He has consistently observed that firms lacking effective leadership often grapple with misalignment, poor communication, high turnover, unproductive meetings, and underperforming teams. Gregory's innovative leadership training and customized development programs have been the driving force behind the remarkable transformations witnessed within companies and teams. These programs not only enhance performance but also foster trust, resilience, and networking, ultimately leading to improved decision-making, action, and team adaptability. What sets Westwood International apart is its holistic blend of training, coaching, and tailored experiences that ensure sustainable growth.

Gregory's unique leadership approach has earned immense praise from participants across sectors. As David Orr, founder of FACES, shared regarding Greg's work with HopeMakers, "Greg and HopeMakers has provided a transformative experience for FACES leadership. Greg generously reached out to our organization with support."

A Proven Track Record: The success of Westwood International is reflected in its extensive list of clients, spanning over 30 years. Among them are global giants like Pfizer, Stryker, Cardinal Health, Kimberly-Clark, McKesson, Intel, MGM, United Airlines, ESPN, Honeywell, GE, the State of Hawaii, Volvo, and the Federal Government. This includes leaders from various government agencies, such as the Department of Defense, GSA, FDA, Social Security Administration, NIH, and NASA, as well as educational institutions like Portland State University, Boston College, Boston University, Harvard, Indiana University, and Texas A&M. Even prestigious startups and medical teams, such as a medical unit at Massachusetts General Hospital, have benefited from Gregory's guidance.

The efficacy of Gregory's programs is reflected in participant feedback. Siard H., Director at Johnson & Johnson noted, "It has been 5 years since I participated in a talent development program led by Greg and his team of associates at Westwood, which had a huge impact on how I viewed my colleagues. I continue to apply the teachings." Melissa Gannon, VP at Pfizer said, "I highly recommend him to any organization or individual. You will not leave the program as the same person that joined."

One illustrative example of Westwood's impact is the significant reduction in the average management meeting time, which dropped from an average of one hour and eighteen minutes to a mere 37 minutes through high-performance team training and advanced decision-making methods. This not only saved time but also doubled the number of innovative ideas, resulting in a more efficient speed to market and enhanced customer solutions. In another example, a client struggled with a challenging supply issue: the last mile of healthcare delivery in the global rural market. The leadership program participants developed and tested multiple solutions to this long-standing barrier. Consequently, they successfully solved a persistent issue during their customized leadership program. Finally, a Fortune 50 company noted a key function in the enterprise hired 90% of their Vice Presidents externally. This trend significantly lowered morale and sky rocketed hiring costs. Westwood International and Greg Zlevor, studied the trend, researched solutions, and crafted a custom leadership development experience that completely reversed this trend. Four years later, 90% of the Vice President hires were internal.

Customization and Innovation: What truly sets Westwood International apart is its commitment to customization. Unlike larger consulting firms that often assemble disjointed teams based on availability, Westwood focuses on recruiting the best talent for each project. This approach, unburdened by extreme overhead, allows for a nimble and innovative design that fits the unique needs of each client. Whether it's designing leadership programs, creating branding and communication strategies, or addressing on-the-spot challenges, Westwood's emphasis on customization leads to unparalleled results.

HopeMakers and Global Impact: Beyond his work at Westwood International, Gregory Zlevor's impact extends to the global stage through his philanthropic efforts and the founding of HopeMakers. A prolific author with nine Amazon bestsellers, including "Success Habits of Super Achievers" and "Think Big," Gregory has shared his wisdom with audiences at the United Nations, corporate headquarters, and government agencies worldwide. Greg's inspirational speaking has reached over 100,000 people across platforms. As speaker Megan Miller shared on his TEDx talk, "Authentic. Purposeful. Vulnerable. A few words that come to mind when I think of my friend & amazing human, Greg Zlevor."

HopeMakers, a global collective of thought leaders and practitioners dedicated to fostering hope, is a testament to Gregory's commitment to making a positive impact. This group has undertaken diverse initiatives, from solving corporate challenges to supporting refugees and financing charitable projects like the House of Hope. Their regular online meetings, face-to-face gatherings, and planned trips to Africa and India demonstrate their unwavering dedication to spreading hope around the world. Recently, Greg produced a benefit concert that directly donated to orphanages in India, Africa, and a program serving at risk youth. Greg's dedication to cultivating leaders worldwide was recognized with the Global Coaching Leadership Award from the World Coaching Congress in Mumbai, India. He also co-authored the bestseller Success Habits of Super Achievers with renowned authors like Les Brown, Denis Waitley, Mark Victor Hansen, Lisa Haisha, and Brian Tracy.

Conclusion: Gregory Zlevor's journey from leadership innovator to philanthropic visionary is a testament to the transformative power of competent leadership. His work at Westwood International, marked by customization, innovation, and measurable results, has left an indelible mark on prominent organizations and teams. His founding of HopeMakers showcases his dedication to creating a brighter future for individuals and communities worldwide. As we honor Gregory as one of the inspiring leaders of 2023, we recognize not just his achievements, but his enduring commitment to bringing hope and transformation to the world. Stacey Ellul, former VP Medtronic, “Greg and the Westwood International team provided change management and leadership coaching to a multi-functional team and staff - serendipitous - at a time of significant change for the organization. The insightful behavioral understandings and skills that the team acquired from Greg's training has created a solid foundation for the team to manage change at both an individual and team level. The instructional teaching provided by Westwood was highly customized to our needs and hit the mark in its delivery.”


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Gregory D Zlevo
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