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Idania Samudio
Chief Executive Officer

Amanda Cromhout, Founder & CEO of Truth

A leader should be a model for others

With Idania Samudio as their CEO and Sommeta as a prominent platform, the primary emphasis of their efforts is on offering assistance for technological initiatives within the domains of human resources and payroll, alongside endeavors in the field of art.

A few years ago, they provided assistance to a prominent multinational corporation in executing a substantial implementation initiative that encompassed more than 60 nations. The organization offered comprehensive assistance in the areas of testing and training, including providing guidance to their substantial internal staff throughout the entirety of the process. Following the successful deployment, the organization opted to extend its engagement with the service provider for an extra year in order to secure continuing assistance.

They persist in actively involving their team members by collecting input and adjusting their methods in order to maintain alignment with the overarching long-term strategic objective. Consistently reassessing and enhancing their strategic approach would facilitate the organization in maintaining competitiveness and attaining its objectives, according to Idania.

Accelerating ahead, they offer appropriate guidance to both the internal team and individual contributors in utilizing the newly implemented system. This novel system frequently necessitates the acquisition of proficiency by staff in its utilization. The provision of direction and training to both the internal team and individual contributors is vital in order to facilitate a seamless transition.

Most significantly, it is crucial to remain faithful to the defined scope, since this objective underscores the significance of proficiently controlling the project's scope. Holding to the defined parameters aids in managing expenditures, schedules, and assets while also guaranteeing that the project maintains its concentration on its fundamental goals.

Furthermore, the company cultivates a cohesive team culture by employing new approaches, practicing active listening, and consistently investing in the professional growth of its workforce. It provides comprehensive support to enhance their existing staff, ensuring the efficient and cost-effective implementation of their next initiatives. Idania adopts a leadership style characterized by leading through personal demonstration and exemplification. According to her perspective, a crucial element of effective leadership involves establishing a favorable model for others to follow. It is imperative for leaders to exhibit the conduct, diligence, and principles that they anticipate from their subordinates.

Their major objective is to achieve a yearly growth rate of 40% over the course of the next five years, with the intention of expanding the scale of operations. To begin, the organization will initiate comprehensive market research to discern potential areas of expansion, customer segments, and prevailing trends. They will consistently enhance their product or service to align with the evolving demands of customers. Additionally, they will allocate resources towards marketing strategies and sales endeavors to acquire new customers and maintain the loyalty of existing ones. Besides, they will streamline operations and optimize processes to minimize expenses and enhance productivity.

Also, to establish community ties that are in line with their organizational mission, it is imperative to ascertain that the organization's mission and values are unambiguously articulated and disseminated both internally and externally. Not the least, active involvement with local communities will be achieved through organizing events, providing sponsorships, and engaging in volunteer activities. For this reason, the organization actively pursues collaborations with community organizations or businesses that align with their mission.

Moreover, they implement the strategy of developing a management team and advisory group since it is crucial to identify the essential competencies required within the team and allocate resources towards training and development programs. All in all, fostering leadership skills among the management team will be achieved through mentorship and coaching initiatives. To this end, they will meticulously select advisors who possess diverse expertise, as they can offer valuable insights and guidance.

Customers typically receive strategic advice from professionals, who also make sure they are up-to-date on market developments and rivalry activities. Effectively navigating these hurdles while successfully accomplishing tasks necessitates meticulous preparation, effective communication, and smart decision-making. They have done this by ensuring they retain top talent, encouraging innovation and efficiency, and having flexible contracts with their clients.

The process of preparing for the future necessitates the implementation of a strategic and flexible methodology to guarantee the firm's continued relevance, competitiveness, and client value. The organization consistently interacts with its clientele in order to get insight into their changing requirements, difficulties, and anticipations. The organization conducts internal evaluations in order to evaluate the competencies, competence, and capabilities of their consultants and staff members. The firm consistently engages in the evaluation and potential modification of its mission and vision statements in order to ensure alignment with the dynamic business environment.




Idania Samudio
Chief Executive Officer


At SOMMETA, we provide support that enhances your existing team in order to execute your upcoming project successfully and within budget. We do this by creating a one-team culture, out of the box thinking, actively listening and ensuring our staff is continuously learning to be more effective in order to provide expected results.

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