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Jean-Philippe Perraud
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Jean-Philippe Perraud is the general director of NEDonBoard and the founder of the Institute of Board Members. The Institute maintains the oversight of the knowledge, skills, conduct, and practice of non-executive directors and board members. The Institute is a not-for-profit organisation and ranks among the most influential bodies. Jean-Philippe serves on Boards of "for purpose" organisations.

As a founder, Jean-Philippe first came up with the idea of the Institute as frustration from his career path. After developing his skillset in finance and strategy, Mr Perraud was looking to bring his experience to the Board as a non-executive director.

Given the importance of the role of the Board in any organisation, he was genuinely surprised by how little formal support was available: no independent organisations were preparing him to secure his non-executive directorship role practically and be effective at it.

After securing a few roles, he realised that the competency level of board members was "diverse" and that practices were not always modern and contemporary. It explains the lack of diversity in the boardroom and the groupthink effect. More surprisingly, some organisations do not have ongoing development for their boards.

Businesses face constant new challenges; there must be an ongoing effort to make better and more effective decisions. The Board of directors is the highest authority, and non-executive directors bring vital objectivity and independent thinking to the Board they sit on. The lack of practical guidance leads to inconsistency in the performance of independent directors.

While Jean-Philippe recognises good governance is an ideal that is difficult to achieve in its totality, good business governance ensures success and economic growth that fits the best interests of all stakeholders. In simple terms, good governance is good business.

Something has to be done.

Research studies demonstrate that companies are perform sustainably with the right wisdom and governance. Jean-Philippe dedicates his energy to supporting Board by promoting modern, contemporary and best governance practices that balance people, the planet and profit. He envisions good governance for every organisation.

Jean-Philippe inspires his team to get behind the NEDonBoard's vision that everyone can enjoy a fairer future. Navigating between the big picture and granular details, he is motivating, engaging and supportive. Charismatic and a people-oriented leader, he is able to integrate people into a strategy and a plan while bringing a positive attitude and synergy to the team. With this capability to visualise ambitious goals, set objectives and push through relentlessly to make them happen, Jean-Philippe has built the world's most competent community of board members and the most comprehensive education platform for board members.

Nowadays, NEDonBoard, The Institute of Board Members, supports, represents and develops executive and non-executive professionals, the Board of directors, and their organisations. In 2020, Mr Perraud was recognised as a Modern Governance 100 Leader. During the recent turbulent period, Jean-Philippe shifted priorities to accommodate changing demand and ensure the organisation continued to develop. He has transformed the organisation from an event-led institute to an ed-tech platform for Board best practices to help implement good governance in every organisation socially responsible.

Non-executive directors enjoy independence and flexibility in their careers, gain new skills, live varied and new experiences, fast-track their executive careers and contribute their knowledge and expertise while generating good income. NEDonBoard members understand their duties and liabilities; they perform better and are thought after by companies looking to implement good governance by showing their commitment to good practices.

NEDonBoard provides a short and predictable patch to secure non-executive roles. Last month, a feedback review showed that 100% of committed attendees who had completed the NED Accelerator® Programme had secured a position. With Board and NED training, they have the roadmap to secure a role and know how to discharge their duties and be good practitioners.

NEDonBoard is the official voice for non-executive directors and board members and the reference for effective governance. NEDonBoard and the Institute of Board members accreditation is the professional recognition for non-executive directors and board members. It is a sign that says: "We know what good and modern practices are, and we are committed to applying them in companies we join." The platform is a goldmine for Board best practices: it upskills executive professionals with board-level experience. NEDonBoard members are directors that get recognised in the industry.

Using NEDonBoard is not only about scoring higher on Environmental and Social, Governance (ESG) criteria by promoting leading governance practices in the organisation. It is also a competitive advantage: prepare the next generation of business leaders for their upcoming board appointments and attract talented board members to the organisation. Influential board members know that professional development never stops.

What is Jean-Philippe's next project? To continue to drive the growth of an organisation that is about sharing wisdom and insights across generations of board decision-makers. True to his mission to accelerate sustainability and development, Jean-Philippe aspires to bring long term sustainable positive change by ensuring better decision making that will benefit society. Good governance, good business. IE




Jean-Philippe Perraud
General Director


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