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Jim Shreve
President & CEO of Baccarat

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“Making Every Day Special”

For Jim Shreve, President & CEO of Baccarat, the “focus and message has been to use your Baccarat everyday. Many of us grew up in a time where fancy things at home were only used for holidays and special occasions. This was at a time when tuxedos were only worn for formal events. Over time, fashion changed and tuxedos were paired with jeans and were often styled in a more sporty, everyday way,” he says. “However, in the home, we never evolved our usage for using our nice things. Many keep their nicer things for holidays only. This is not true for our nice watches, jewelry, cars, spirits, and clothing. We encourage everyone to take care of yourself at home and use your nice thing everyday. We believe every day is special and everyday is all we have!” With this ideology, Jim has taken the company to a new height.

Baccarat Crystal (pronounced [bakaʁa]) is a 257-year-old French manufacturer of fine crystal located in Baccarat, France. The company owns two museums: the Musée Baccarat in Baccarat, Meurthe-et-Moselle, and the Musée Baccarat in Paris on the Place des États-Unis. Established in 1764 as a small glassware manufacturer in the eastern French hamlet of Baccarat, the factory excelled in its early years with a focus on glassware and mirrors but slowed in its production with the onset of the French Revolution. However, early in the nineteenth century, Baccarat developed its lead crystal production process that soon grew to be respected across the country, if not across all of Europe. The exceptional quality of Baccarat glassworks resulted in commissions from kings to presidents around the globe such that, by the midpoint of the century, Baccarat had gained international renown.

"We encourage everyone to take care of yourself at home and use your nice things every day. We believe everyday is special and everyday is all we have!"

One of the factors that have contributed to the success of Baccarat crystal is that while they have developed signature styles now synonymous with the company’s tradition — such as Baccarat’s “Harcourt” line of glassware — their designers have also continued to innovate along with the trends and styles that have become popular over the years. This fluidity, combined with the expert craftsmanship behind each design, has resulted in Baccarat’s perennial popularity. From their smaller, more affordable figurines to their more substantial pieces, the legacy, and allure of Baccarat crystal endures today.

Their customers and business partners have appreciated Jim and his team’s passion. “Our passion for our product and our message has led to significant sales growth over the last 5 years! We are innovative in our approach and our customers appreciate our fresh way of driving the business,” he says. “In the past few years, we launched the world first luxury cake truck. This is a food truck that we have in partnership with Lady M cakes. We also launched the first US bottling project in many years with Woodford Reserve. Here you have the world’s finest bourbon in the world’s finest crystal. We have an ongoing collaboration with Chrome Hearts with some exciting new product coming soon.” The first time the company has created new designs in partnership with Chrome Hearts that are exclusive to them. They have also worked with Supreme on a collaboration for them and continue to work with Virgil Abloh to add to the Crystal Clear collection that was launched last year. It is pertinent to mention that Jim is a strong believer in the future of e-commerce in his sector, and he knows there is a tremendous growth opportunity. “However, I also believe there is equal growth potential in brick and mortar. During the last several decades, the art of selling that I grew up with has disappeared. We are working to bring back and strengthen our selling skills to enhance the Baccarat experience for our customers,” explains Jim. “This is meant to encourage our customers to use their Baccarat everyday and become ambassadors to the brand and the message of #everydaybaccarat.” IE




Jim Shreve
President & CEO of Baccarat


Icon of luxury, Baccarat is synonymous of superb craftsmanship and to this day symbolizes the inimitable French Art de Vivre. Ranging from iconic lighting to unique tableware and decorative objects, fine jewellery and tailor-made flacons, the timeless modernity of Baccarat is a unique combination of savoir faire, perfection and passion that produces exquisite objects of desire and it’s recognised around the world. Each piece hand made at Baccarat, in our historical factory located in Lorraine, bears the seal of extraordinary technics. All craftsmen and employees of the company around the world, share the values of Baccarat: Responsibility, Innovation, Excellence, Sense of duty, spirit of conquest.

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