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“Make your will your gateway”

Kamyar Shah, CMO, World Consulting Group, chronicles his journey throughout his career, which has no turning point intrinsically. It was a gradual and exponential growth during which he led WCG. He adds that World Consulting Group’s mission has been consistent over the years. We set out to provide professional management consulting services. Though the offers have evolved throughout time, our vision has remained constant. Fractional Chief Operating Officer and Fractional Chief Marketing Officer are two of our most popular services.

In my personal experience, Kamyar Shah says that servant leadership and coaching are more effective on the managerial side of things, especially when it comes to managing marketing executives. I see achievement and potential for growth, and I believe my curiosity to be a valued and vital trait since it always leads to continuous learning. In fact, I've discovered that a well-thought-out and meticulously executed plan has the best chance of long-term success, and I'm a firm believer in good old-fashioned planning and execution. To be precise, I'm not encouraging rigidity; rather, he believes that a well-thought-out plan performed well appears to win the majority of the time. I also believe that there is no single factor or project that adds to overall success. It's difficult to attribute a single element of success to the unique projects that had an outsized influence, though training ML models that use both supervised and unsupervised learning models or using AI in terrain mapping has been a unique project.

Kamyar believes that education is by far the most essential part of the World Consulting Group's "Human Capital" management. Everyone on the team is expected to devote a considerable portion of their week to keeping up with industry trends as well as "R & D" projects that may fall far outside of "generally accepted norms." It's not unusual for members of the team to spend up to four hours each day reading relevant articles, case studies, or attending webinars. It is, in fact, one of our internal KPIs.

Surprisingly, the majority of Word Consulting Group's business originates from referrals from previous and current clients. Along with the nature of our business, WCG has made it one of its pillars to prevent inbound and outbound marketing. When it comes to marketing campaigns for our clients, we do use some of the most cutting-edge technologies and techniques.

WCG has had the opportunity to work on some of the most cutting-edge marketing automation projects, including progressive machine learning in personalization, qualitative real-time social media sentiment analysis, BI integration into real-time messaging, and real-time AI pricing calculations. We're also heavily invested in marketing prospects for the metaverse and virtual reality in general, adds Kamyar.

Indeed, as a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer, we have a large in-house "marketing lab" that we use for testing: at any given time, we are testing several dozen marketing methodologies and technologies, ranging from hardware-specific optimization to the use of machine learning in personalized / account-based marketing. Simply put, if there is anything new in marketing, you can bet that someone from our team will be trying some component of it. This is a part of our own knowledge creation and enhancement process, which keeps us informed about new developments.

When it comes to "competition," we don't compete with each other. We have a different perspective; there is none. We work with people we regard as our peers. However, I'd like to believe that a combination of our unique techniques paired with our enthusiastic "straightforward" approach sets us apart when it comes to differentiators, says Kamyar. IE


Kamyar Shah


Kamyar Shah


Hiring a business consultant is a major decision in any business and shouldn’t be taken lightly. There are many reasons why a business consultant should be deployed including increasing effectiveness and efficiency, independent evaluation of procedures, adding temporary project management capacities as well as facilitating scaling and growth.

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