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Kamyar Shah

Steve Sargent, Chief Operating Officer of Performance Rehabilitation & Regenerative Medicine

“All About Growth & Scale”

Establishing a successful company isnot just about growth – it’s about scale.Growing and scaling a business is not simple as they are stated. As per a research by Harvard Business School, 50% of startups fail after 5 years of start, and 70% fail after 10 years. This evidently shows startups fail at the growth or scaling stage.

This is where Kamyar Shah, a 25+ years experienced business expert, has a strong hand to play. As a seasoned Business Management Consultant, Operations & Marketing Executive, dedicated Executive Coach, and experienced Chief of Staff, Kamyar’s portfolio spans nearly three decades of rich and varied industry experience. He offers comprehensive services as a Fractional COO, Fractional CMO, Business Consultant, Executive Coach, and Chief of Staff. He provides strategic and operational insights across sectors like medical, technology, eCommerce, and startups (B2B and B2C). His professional mission is centered around driving stakeholder value, facilitating growth, and enhancing profitability for small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs).

When we try to understand the true meaning of growth, it translates to adding resources at the same rate that companies are adding revenue. For instance, a company that onboards a customer hires more workforce to service them and adds revenue at the same rate as adding more cost. This is usual in many professional services-driven business structures. While the company is technically growing, they need to scale. Uber is a brilliant example of growth. Every time Uber extends to a new location, the number of driving partners grows. So, the overall profit value won’t increase exponentially but gradually. Some other models are brands like Microsoft and Yahoo, which have evolved over the years by spending a lot of resources on expansion.

Scale is about adding earnings at a rapid rate while adding resources at a gradual speed. One good example of scaling a company is Google. Google increased its revenue by leveraging advertising possibilities for businesses to promote their offerings on search engine result pages (SERP). Businesses pay for the clicks their ads receive. Similarly, PayPal and Salesforce have scaled their business with the lowest investments. Paypal attracted customers by levying less and offering referral bonuses to existing customers. Paypal advanced its customer base by 10% daily through this method.

Scaling growth is about building business models and designing an organization that efficiently scales to generate consistent revenue growth and bypass stall points without adding a ton of extra cost and aids along the way. For Kamyar, "growth and scale" is at the heart of his strategy for business management consulting and has assisted in driving stakeholder value in various organizations - from large enterprises to distressed and turnaround businesses.

Through his assignment with over 640 projects spanning different industries and sectors, including medical, technology, eCommerce, and startup environments (B2B and B2C), Kamyar has developed a keen sense of achieving sustainable growth without surrendering efficiency or quality.

As a consultant to SMBs, Kamyar guides owners in establishing business direction and practices, attainable growth and earnings goals, and execution strategies with performance metrics and accountability. He helps them build practical, engaged, empowered organizations that drive results and sustainability.

Kamyar also delivers Dynamic Group Entrepreneur Coaching Program, Advanced AIaaS Consulting Services, Personalized One-To-One Entrepreneur Coaching Program alongsidein-house business coaching for CEOs, executives, and teams in all key business areas, including association, management, leadership, finance, processes, and marketing/sales. His comprehensive operational assignments, including general management of international locations, global sourcing, and production VP/Director, have presented him with in-depth expertise in product expansion, manufacturing, sourcing, quality management, testing, compliance, planning and inventory managing, logistics, and distribution.

By concentrating on "growth and scale," Kamyar supports businesses in expanding their operations while maintaining quality and efficiency, increasing profitability and sustainable success. To the capacity that the leader’s circumstances and skill permit him to react to such individual ideologies, he will be better able to produce genuinely inherent interest in the work that he is tasked with getting done. And in the last analysis, an ideal organization should have employees at every level reporting to someone whose dominion is small enough to allow him to know those who say to him as human beings.

There are various ways a company can achieve growth and scale. For evaluation and planning, securing financial support, and setting realistic and evident targets, a company should always consider the best options for growth. Kamyar is well-versed in guiding companies and advising on changing the internal culture. (813) 540-6191 Tampa Florida


Kamyar Shah


Kamyar Shah


Hiring a business consultant is a major decision in any business and shouldn’t be taken lightly. There are many reasons why a business consultant should be deployed including increasing effectiveness and efficiency, independent evaluation of procedures, adding temporary project management capacities as well as facilitating scaling and growth.

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