Steve Sargent, Chief Operating Officer of Performance Rehabilitation & Regenerative Medicine, Top 10 Promising CEOs of 2023

Leigh Richardson
CEO & Founder
The Brain Performance Center

Steve Sargent, Chief Operating Officer of Performance Rehabilitation & Regenerative Medicine

“Optimizing your brain health improves your mental health creating peak performance.”

Leigh Richardson, CEO of Dallas-based The Brain Performance Center, has dedicated her 35+ year career to helping companies, professional athletes, organizational leaders, and entrepreneurs with demanding lifestyles to perform at their best by optimizing their brain health. Brain health techniques, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Executive Function Coaching, improve the brain's functionality and processing of information. By improving neuroplasticity and the brain's ability to change, we can maximize the mind for critical decision-making under stress and uncertainty. Decades of experience have shown that executive function is vital: quickly identifying the right problem, prioritizing and developing action plans, and executing them effectively as crucial components of successful leadership. Peak performance in brain health changes how we interact with the important people and situations in our lives, making us highly influential on the playing field, board room, and entrepreneurial space.

Leigh combines her MBA, MS, Counseling, board certifications, and an expected Ph.D. in Psychology from Walden University in 2024, with 20 years in corporate human resources to provide a greater understanding of human performance, both on individual and organizational levels. With her doctoral research on crisis decision-making techniques, Leigh identifies the best practices and successful strategies that explain why some leaders rise above others in crises.

Leigh found that working with professionals that ADHD, Anxiety, and Depression have deep roots within brain health, and optimizing the brain's health can show remarkable results in organizational performance, critical decision-making, and leadership, impacting the company's overall improved performance. Effective leadership and decision-making can impact a corporate bottom line in public perception, stock prices, employee retention, and acquisition in a global economy with health, financial, environmental, political, and personal crises.

In this current economic environment, with recording devices and photography at our fingertips, executives can't afford to make mistakes and have them broadcast to millions over social media.

Social media has increased the need for all of us to be "on," and when caught unexpectedly, we react more from an emotional level than critical thinking. Improving your brain health means strengthened reasoning skills, quicker processing times, and the enhanced ability to sort through the wealth of data coming in from all inputs and make an informed decision for the greater well-being of all.

The integrated approach we take with the mind and the brain connects physical brain health to mental health comes from personal experience. Her experience with traumatic brain injury and parenting a child with a traumatic brain injury led her to expand her career with a specific study on optimal performance as a recovery tool which later led to her ground-breaking programs and global success in optimizing a healthy brain for peak performance and success.

The brain is an organ, just like the heart, and we have training modalities that will change how the brain wires and fires. We all want physically fit bodies as we age, which includes our brain's ability to stay strong. The Brain Performance offers state-of-the-art brain training with executive function programs so you can perform at your peak performance level.

The Brain Performance Center proudly announces that we are certified as a Women's Business Enterprise (WBE) through the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), the nation's leading third-party certifier of women-owned and operated businesses. By including women-owned businesses among their suppliers, corporations and government agencies demonstrate their commitment to fostering diversity and the continued development of their supplier diversity programs, empowering women as leaders and bringing about a more diverse, balanced, and sustainable economy.

Leigh is an international speaker focusing on the relationship between brain health and mental health and peak performance. As a brain health expert, Leigh regularly contributes to national news shows on CNN, ABC, NBC, Fox, and Scripps. She is a popular syndicated radio host, In Your Head, with Leigh Richardson on Itunes, Spotify, Audible, Amazon, I Heart Radio, and Apple Music. She is the author of, Turn Your Brain On – To Get Your Game. In June 2023, Leigh was featured as a special guest on Montel Williams' The Balancing Act to discuss Brain Health. IE


The Brain Performance Center


Leigh Richardson
CEO & Founder
The Brain Performance Center


The Brain Performance Center is a behavioral health center dedicated to improving all aspects of brain health with individualized, innovative and quality care. We are located in Dallas, Texas. We treat people who are struggling with common conditions that interfere with their quality of life, relationships, and careers. These problems include ADD/ADHD, addictions, depression, panic attacks/anxiety, autism, insomnia and many more.

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