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Leo Alirez
Founder & Executive Director
Life-Line Colorado

Michelle Rios, President of Blue Tiger Leadership, LLC

“ Never give up and never let go ”

Life-Line was designed to impact generations. They offer three types of services: Acudetox-style acupuncture, department of corrections inreach and reentry services, violence interruption, crisis intervention, secondary prevention, and mental health and substance abuse services. Leo Alirez, founder and CEO of Life-Line, explains that the organization operates a community empowerment center where families and community members can find healing, education, employment, and entrepreneurial opportunities. Maslow's hierarchy of needs—basic, safety, psychological, and self-actualization—guides and supports their programs.

Leo is more than a role model, according to Life-Line executive assistant Theresa Ruybol and other management staff. His dedication proves that "yes, someone like me can do this." He leads by example and inspires others and the Life-line family. Leo cares about his teammates and puts their needs before his own. He cares about himself, the team, and the company. Leo also inspires and empowers the youth, knowing kids own the future. With confidence and morality, he leads with respect and commitment and inspires everyone through hard work, integrity, transparency, and kindness. He has led with kindness, empathy, and compassion and supports equality and justice. He grew personally and professionally, as this proved when Leo Alirez was named an honoree of My Brother's Keeper in "2017." He was also directly appointed as a commissioner to the Crime Prevention Control Commission by the Mayor of Denver, Michael B. Handcock. Term "2018-2020". As leader, Leo explains that a great leader is a great learner. He or she should pause, reflect, and be intentional about each step. It is also important to surround yourself with other leaders. Furthermore, never lose sight of your WHY for embarking on this journey. Nonetheless, lastly, never give up and never let go, he suggests.

Not everyone has the same opportunities or advantages in life. For those without, the constant struggle, pressure and temptation of their environment can send them down a path they don’t want to be on, but don’t know how to get off of.

Their methodology uses the well-developed and integrated Life-Line cultural measurement matrix. Hiring establishes culture. This process begins with internal and external training to prepare participants for their roles and responsibilities. Life-Line gives each team weekly clinical supervision, professional and personal growth, time management, and balance. It provides twice-weekly employee motivational meetings. Making sure everyone's ambitions match the company's. All of the methods outlined aim to create a safe and supportive workplace for personal and professional growth. Life-Line Colorado has always provided intergenerational and family healing elements, and their aim is to engage, impact, and empower participants to define their purpose and actively support them in giving back to family and community via love, security, and safety. Each program acts as an internal resource for self, family, and community. Comprehensive intervention, prevention, and re-entry programs do this. Ultimately, Life-Line's data entry method quantifies measurements, results, and outputs while maintaining qualitative data.

The team is empowered, supported, and educated to be critical thinkers and problem solvers. The methods used are a strength-based and solution-focused approach, all within the framework of the process described above.

The latest technologies that Life-Line has invested in are their robust data entry system that collects quantitative and qualitative data, and in regard to economic development that streamlines across programming, Life-Line has recently purchased the Oculus that assists in identifying a career of choice. In addition, the person can obtain a certification within their career of choice that aligns with their passion, explains Leo.

Life-Line starts with policy and legislative reform. It collaborates with the Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition (CCJRC) and other organizations to change laws and regulations that hinder program implementation. Hence, Life-Line can provide a legal and policy-supported 21st-century answer.

Life-Line is accredited to work with the STG population (Security Threat Group). Life-Line "assisted in establishing" violence interruption, crisis intervention, and secondary prevention in Colorado. Life-Line trains and supervises other organizations to guarantee that all projects and programs are carried out properly. Finally, Life-Line Colorado's founder and CEO, who has worked in the criminal justice system for over 20 years, prefers lived expertise. His crew has PhDs and recovery coach qualifications.

Life-Line's participants treat mental health (diagnosis or dual diagnosis), substance use, abuse, and/or misuse that leads to misbehavior, addictions, incarceration, and general biopsychosocial harm. They create a customized success plan for each member to meet their fundamental requirements, maintain physical safety, cope and recover psychologically, and pursue self-actualization. All of this is accomplished through thorough comprehensive and strategic programing.

Life-Line is designing two major projects to help assist and provide more opportunities to participants, families, and the community. It hopes to maximize program use. Life-Line Colorado is Currently in the process of building two resident facilities, one will support individuals who have just been released from incarceration and transitioning back into society and the other will support families in bridging the gap between poverty and economic mobility.

Another asset Life-Line Colorado holds is It’s Serenity Ranch located in Hartsell, Colorado. There at the Serenity Ranch participants can experience the outdoors, fishing, boating, riding ATVs as well as relaxing in the ambience of the surrounding mountains. Life-Line expects to acquire funding to create, maximize, and maintain the aforementioned programs.


Life-Line Colorado


Leo Alirez
Founder & Executive Director
Life-Line Colorado


Leadership defined through the actions of Leo Alirez Ph.D., CACIII, NGCRC Executive Director: Life-Line

Leo is a former gang member and Denver native who has worked with at-risk populations and those struggling with substance abuse in Denver for over a decade. Mr. Alirez is a Certified Addictions Counselor (CAC III), licensed with the National Gang Crime Research Center (NGCRC), and recognized as the second gang expert in Colorado. Leo earned his B.A. in Addictions and minor in High-Risk Youth from Metropolitan State College of Denver.

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