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Liberatha Kallat
Founder & Managing Director of DreamFolks Services Pvt. Ltd

Liberatha Kallat, Founder & Managing Director of DreamFolks Services Pvt. Ltd Certificate

“Creating Beautiful Journeys”

The hospitality industry is one of the most complex industries, where customer service is most important and innovation is the key to achieving and maintaining Service Excellence. In the early 2000s, Indian Airports, although huge, lacked the niche hospitality edge compared to their global counterparts and bridging this gap has been the core mission of DreamFolks.

‘We aim to be the best at what we do and add significant value to the services and products, either through personnel or through technology that is exclusive & owned by us and want to give the best solution to all our partners.’ says Liberatha Kallat, Founder & Managing Director, DreamFolks Services.

As an organization DreamFolks believes in constant innovation to keep up with the changing trends and provide clients with the best technology and service platforms. It has revolutionized the industry operations and removed various user and client-specific pain points by streamlining the entire travel journey at the airports and made it truly experiential. With its B2B model, the company swiftly made its services accessible to the masses, rapidly penetrating into the card networks and top issuers of the country thereby achieving a dominant position within the market. Our proprietary technology platform enables us to design products and customized solutions to cater to every need of the airport traveler. In parallel, DreamFolks has consciously worked towards expanding its footprint globally. Having served over millions of travelers worldwide our services are a fine blend of innovation, experience, and hospitality trends to engrave a memorable experience in every end users mind.

"Liberatha is an enterprising individual, an ardent believer in perseverance, knows how to convert dreams into reality. Her positive attitude towards any situation makes her stand apart and motivates people around her.“

Liberatha Kallat is a visionary who brought the concept of Airport services to India and made it possible for the masses to enjoy airport hospitality. Fine experience, focused passion, and an eye for opportunities are qualities that can give an idea a functional shape. DreamFolks Services, her brainchild, was created with the sole objective of amplifying the air travel experience by providing an ecosystem that offers VIP services and facilities to travelers to ease their journey.

Today, DreamFolks proudly stands as India's pioneer & only player to introduce bespoke airport services under one roof. Its state-of-the-art technology coupled with holistic operations support helps in being trusted by stakeholders and ensures a global standard in service levels. Considering that India is expected to be the world’s third-largest aviation market in terms of passengers by 2024, Liberatha’s passionate team is working on developing an airport ecosystem that leaves a worthwhile legacy also seamlessly dovetailing into the Government’s vision to develop India’s airport infrastructure and get it at par with global standards. Today airports are increasingly adopting advanced technology to offer customers enhanced and personalized experiences and DreamFolks intends to ride this wave to drive more innovations and create platforms to create a world-class experience for its consumers.IE


DreamFolks Services Pvt. Ltd


Liberatha Kallat
Founder & Managing Director of DreamFolks Services Pvt. Ltd


DreamFolks is a premier technology driven global airport service provider operating India's largest “Airport Lounge Access Program”. DreamFolks' augmented business associations with major Networks, Banks & Corporate has expanded its operations in 130 countries across the globe.

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