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Mark Eglington
Euro-Line Appliances Inc.

Mark Eglington, President of Euro-Line Appliances Inc.

Consistency invariably facilitates greater results

Euro-Line Appliances Inc., a 2nd-generation, family-owned Canadian company run by its president, Mark Eglington, is dedicated to bringing the greatest and most energy-efficient appliances from around the world to Canada. They partner with factories that have a great product or idea but lack the scalability or willingness to launch in Canada. With a population density less than California yet dispersed across America, logistics can be difficult for a manufacturer ramping up operations to access the market. Euro-Line has been recognized for generating industry leaders, being community-oriented, and being an Ontario business icon.

Mark started his career in the kitchen industry as an intern with Liebherr in Europe. During his bachelor's degree in economics and finance, he worked part-time in Euro-Line Appliances' Canadian shipping department. He earned an MBA in financial management and a Graduate Diploma in Management. Mark returned to Euro-Line Appliances in several roles until buying ELA West in Vancouver. He became Euro-Line Appliances Inc.'s president in Ontario after expanding in Western Canada.

In 2010, Mark devised a plan to expand his company's distributorship in Ontario to a nationwide logistics and service operation. After two years of internal agreement, discussions with vendors and potential dealers, and confirmation from the bank, the plan was implemented in 2011 with an official opening in 2012. Mark had initially planned to learn the business from the central head office in Ontario, but all stakeholders decided it would be better for him to move to Vancouver and directly oversee the expanded network for greater success. To reduce the liability of central operations, they formed a subsidiary that is currently known as Euro-Line Appliances West (ELAW). They closed upon the realization that something had gone wrong, but Mark is still happy to report that everything went as planned and they exceeded all key performance indicators earlier than the business plan required. However, the process of implementing the plan was challenging.

Mark moved to a new territory where he didn't know anyone and had to work with dealers who were unfamiliar with his company. Despite facing challenges like finding a showroom and staff, as well as dealing with a fire that destroyed their showroom, Mark and his team maintained a positive attitude. Mark believes that their passion is evident in every customer presentation and their involvement with the dealer network. Based on this, he explains that he leads by example, drawing on his experience in various roles within the company to understand and contribute effectively to each position. Mark's knowledge of the organization and industry allows him to lead meetings, engage with stakeholders, and solve problems in a comprehensive and efficient manner. He believes that leading by example is the most effective way to motivate employees and exceed customer expectations. He also emphasizes that every employee is valuable and has opportunities for personal and professional growth in a small company.

They simply define their top three company goals clearly. The first is to be easy to work with for their staff, suppliers, and clients, prioritizing efficient communication and working closely with suppliers to ensure they have the best products at fair prices. They also provide comprehensive training for sales professionals and support for end users. Their second goal is to offer the best value by providing high-quality products at competitive prices as they align themselves with brands they believe in and use smart logistics to maintain affordable prices. Lastly, they focus on nationwide support and coverage in terms of logistics, service, marketing, and incentives.

Mark acknowledges the challenges in determining future priorities due to the multitude of options and evolving technology. He highlights the positive influence of advanced AI on businesses, particularly in enhancing client interactions and problem-solving. Nonetheless, he underscores the significance of preserving a human touch in their company's improvement endeavors. This involves expanding their logistics and service networks, integrating these networks into their operations, providing delivery and installation services, and actively seeking innovative products and brands that align with their company's principles.

Euro-Line is a successful company that values its products and partnerships. Douglas Eglington, a South African immigrant who obtained the rights to distribute European brands in Canada, founded it. Although some brands have left, Euro-Line has remained dedicated to supporting its brands. Currently, only AEG remains in Euro-Line's portfolio, but other brands now sell directly to dealers or consumers. Despite these obstacles, Euro-Line has managed to establish a distribution and service network throughout Canada.

Mark explains that evaluating competition is difficult, and there are two perspectives on it. Businesses worldwide are trying to compete in the market for essential goods, but they face challenges like supply chain disruptions, rising costs, and competition from cheaper manufacturing nations.

Mark emphasizes these challenges because they affect the antagonistic view of competition, which includes wholesalers and importers. To succeed, these companies must offer high-quality products and competitive pricing. While others may be able to replicate their operations, it would require a lot of time and effort to replace their established relationships and strengthen their market position. Competition is tough, and companies need to identify and adapt to their competitors' market gains in order to succeed in the long term.

Mark suggests that businesses should adapt to budget constraints, as it can lead to greater success.Budget limitations can affect a company's distribution system, potentially causing brands to sell directly to the market instead of through the company. To prevent this, the company must offer a unique value proposition within their network. Failing to meet production standards and succeed in the Canadian market can result in the company no longer supplying products. This would harm the organization by reducing sales and the operating budget, potentially leading to the closure of departments. However, the company can adjust their team size or assign employees to different roles to benefit the company.

The company implemented modifications to boost efficiency and cut costs. They work with overseas shipping companies for trustworthy and inexpensive services. A cost-effective central distribution facility and warehouse were also created. They offer excellent post-sales assistance and decrease recurrent costs by hiring well-paid service providers. Sales from their Canadian showroom and sales center cover operating expenditures. Finally, they train staff to be versatile to reduce hiring.

Since Euro-Line's long-term goal is product expansion and supply chain optimization, the company succeeds in after-sales service and support despite having low resources for huge manufacturing facilities. As a result, The Galley—a unique kitchen workstation that eliminates sinks and increases mealtime flexibility—was first distributed in Canada. Mark successfully installed The Galley in his kitchen without major alterations and found it effective. It offers American-made products and strives for quality. Now, they want to partner with service providers to increase delivery, installation, and removal for dealers, clients, and new Canadian high-rise condos.

All in all, in Mark’s view, they run a lean, far-reaching enterprise. By reducing costs, improving efficiency, implementing smart logistics, and expanding vertically, they have effectively increased their ROI and ensured the successful functioning of their business. They aim to specialize by refining every aspect of their enterprise and partnering with reputable brands, trustworthy suppliers, skilled tradespeople, and friendly sales staff to cater to dealers and end consumers nationwide. Their objective is to continue expanding by offering a wider range of services and products, collaborating with high-quality retail stores, and entering emerging communities and developments where they can deliver established offerings beyond just European markets.


Euro-Line Appliances Inc.


Mark Eglington
Euro-Line Appliances Inc.


Euro-Line Appliances has brought elite European engineered appliances to Canadian homes for over 25 years. Our brands exceed expectations and have earned awards in design, engineering, performance, and energy efficiency.

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