Matt Rosenberg, Chief Revenue Officer of NetNumber

Matt Rosenberg
Chief Revenue Officer of NetNumber

Matt Rosenberg, Chief Revenue Officer of NetNumber, Certificate

“Customer Oriented, People’s Leader”

Matt Rosenberg, CRO, NetNumber, put himself at the center of the customer’s mind to try and understand their business drivers. This is reflected in the various processes and methodologies used in the delivery and support organization, one of the company's critical customer-centric centers.

With nearly 14 years at NetNumber and over 25 years in the telecom industry, Matt is adept at understanding current market dynamics but also looking to the future. This enables him to engage with product development and management teams internally to imagine how our solutions can evolve to meet future customer needs.

And he is also a trusted source to his customers on imaging how future challenges could be solved.

According to Matt, the best part of being a leader is helping others solve problems through experience and dedication—and growing through these experiences. “There is nothing quite as rewarding when someone is facing a challenge and comes to me asking advice and solutions, and then develops a new approach and skills to take forward,” he says. “Taking the time to not just solve the immediate issue but offering advice for future out-of-the-box thinking is the best part of waking up every day. This applies equally to both anyone on his team or his customers around the globe—of which he takes immense pride on those relationships.” But the most challenging part is twofold, like understanding all points of view, all pros, and cons, and then making the ultimate decision is always something that could create future friction and time.

When asked about leaders who inspired him, Matt didn’t hesitate. He has found much inspiration from two business leaders—the current NetNumber CEO Kevin Peters and the current CEO of customer BekTel Derrick Bulawa. Notably, Matt’s approach to business and life also have been shaped by his late mother Gail Rosenberg, a Captain in the US Army of a nursing unit during the Vietnam war who taught him to never quit despite the odds.

"“Transparency is an extremely important factor for us as we are fostering an ethos of openness across all individuals, in all departments, when dealing with our customers is a pivotal and meaningful part of how we operate,” adds Matt. ”

The company’s differentiating factors include the incredibly talented team with deep industry expertise and knowledge. They also have a genetic DNA of flexibility, which can be witnessed in their products, services, contracting approach, and pricing. Another critical factor is the pricing, as the company does not offer a typical “one size fits all approach.” “Transparency is an extremely important factor for us as we are fostering an ethos of openness across all individuals, in all departments, when dealing with our customers—it is meaningful part of how we operate,” adds Matt. “Our customers know first-hand that we will always be transparent with the good, the bad and the ugly. And in that transparency, we have a standing position that no matter the situation we will take full ownership until finished.”

Sharing an instance, Matt says, a US tier 1 carrier struggled to find an effective solution that could interwork and intermediate between the corporate network and 4G network when their subscribers were roaming. With NetNumber’s unique multi-protocol capabilities, and its ability to deploy network applications at the very edge of the network, NetNumber was able to build a solution that encompassed a real-time authentication service that allows users to seamlessly connect between the company network and 4G network when they roam. This was so well received that NetNumber is working on launching this for 5G roaming


Matt and his team are incredibly excited about NetNumber’s next-generation Cloud-Native framework called TITAN.IUM. It is explicitly designed to allow the industry to take advantage of an intergenerational framework for carrier Networks that combines all generations of network services and technologies from 2G up to 5G. With this in mind, carriers will be able to port legacy applications and services onto a framework designed for higher speeds, reduced latency, enhanced data distribution to the edge, and a range of infrastructure efficiencies to support the growing demands of consumers. “While we still offer our award-winning TITAN platform that is designed for Bare-Metal or Virtualized networks, this new evolutionary framework will help our existing customers and new family members while they go through their network transformations,” says Matt, for whom customer needs are at the forefront of his approaches. He is also passionate about finding new ways to allow customers to build confidence in NetNumber products and solutions and avenues to connect within the community between peers. At a recent NetNumber customer user event, Matt devised a program that encouraged customers to present their use of NetNumber products and services. He also created a ‘Customer Award Program” that highlighted customer’s unique use of solutions and products over the years. Each customer that won was presented was awarded a trophy in front of their peers. IE




Matt Rosenberg
Chief Revenue Officer of NetNumber


NetNumber, Inc. is the leading provider of centralized signaling and routing control (CSRC) solutions to wireless and wireline telecommunications operators around the globe. Founded in Lowell, MA in 1999, NetNumber is a privately held technology company. With sales offices across the globe, the company has an extensive list of customers representing the leading national and international service providers and carriers.

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