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Mike Champion
Founder & CEO of Xcelocloud Inc

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“Leading By Example”

Mike Champion, Founder and CEO, Xcelocloud, leads by example and is always willing to roll up his sleeves to do the work needed to drive results. His enthusiasm for hard work and his passion for excellence is contagious and is adopted by every team member in the company. Mike believes in Leader Enablement, Priority Driven results, and Role Ownership at every level of the organization.

He would cite numerous role models in his business career, including Bill Weldon, former Chairman, and CEO of Johnson & Johnson, and Kumar Ramachandran, Founder, and CEO of CloudGenix (now Palo Alto Networks). As a former basketball player, Mike was also strongly impacted by coaches throughout his lifetime. The common thread amongst all his role models and coaches would be their drive to succeed (with high principles), tremendous work ethic, strong intellect, and absolute focus on getting the process right to drive results. Armed with such a unique ideology and brilliant influence in his career, Mike has taken the company to new heights.

Xcelocloud, the Dallas based start-up, offers white-labeled Managed Services focused on Platform Support, Security, and Network Services for enterprise customers. Mike is no stranger to the channel, having previously worked for a solution provider organization. But with so many emerging start-ups and established vendors in the legacy telecommunications space, He saw that the market needed a solution provider that could help businesses make sense of new emerging and disruptive cloud enabled technologies. His company orchestrates the integration of people, services, partners, and customers that leverages technology to automate the process wherever possible. “We are on our second-generation ticketing system now, which is driving results for our partners and customers alike. We are launching a fully integrated XceloHub in 2022 that will create a new standard for MSPs to use or emulate,” he says.

“Xcelocloud, the Dallas based start-up, offers white-labeled Managed Services focused on Platform Support, Security, and Network Services for enterprise customers. Mike is no stranger to the channel, having previously worked for a solution provider organization.”

According to Mike, the MSP marketplace has accepted mediocre customer experiences for far too long. As IT services become more complex, customers need a more modern approach to solving problems and delivering business results. Xcelocloud is built to be a Modern Service Provider, focused on excellence; powered by partners, people, and technology; and driven to improve customer experience through accountability at every level within their organization. The company’s differentiators include their culture - which drives white-label results for global customers every day; the XceloHub – which leverages resources more efficiently than people can do alone; and their Sell-With Strategy – which won 48% of the SOW’s proposed across all distribution partners in 2021.

Xcelocloud’s Vendor Platform Service supports enterprise customers across multiple platforms, allowing customer to create cases and open trouble tickets aligned to their strategic enterprise agreements. Having one portal to open trouble tickets for Microsoft, AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, VMware, Citrix, and Palo Alto issues – all supported by a dedicated, cross functional engineering POD, is a game changer for their partners and their customers alike. Customer benefits include improved Service Level Agreements, lower support costs, and fewer points of contact backed by a support organization that actually cares about getting problems solved – not just updating tickets.

Another service that resonates with customers is their Xcelocloud SD-WAN Assessment Framework. In a nutshell, this 4-to-5-week consulting engagement follows a proven framework to assess the needs of an organization from a network architecture perspective; document Change Readiness in critical areas, define Key Performance Indicator’s, determine overall Financial Impact, and create a Roadmap to Success. The Assessment Framework delivers the detailed next steps required to begin implementing the most cost-effective Network Design immediately upon the conclusion of the engagement. This often saves companies months, if not years, and efficiently guides them through change management within a proven process.

The company’s most significant achievements include their massive team growth, the quality of their work month over month, and the financial results they have achieved with Xcelocloud partners. In 2022, Xcelocloud will continue to the lead the MSP space with market leading services and a continuous focus on process and technology improvements, creating a better customer experience. Without going into detail, Xcelocloud will do everything they did in 2021 – but better. “We will also look to deliver best in class support for the new extended reality (XR), mixed reality (MR), and augmented reality (AR) world that enterprise customers will begin adopting at a faster rate throughout each quarter of 2022.” adds Mike. IE


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Mike Champion
Founder & CEO of Xcelocloud Inc


Xcelocloud is a modern service provider and services integration hub. Founded by a visionary entrepreneur who saw the need for managed services within enterprise-focused partners who desired the internal ability to build a complex services program quickly and profitably. The goal was operational simplicity through a highly vetted and curated partner ecosystem driven by the customer experience.

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