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Nikesh Dubey
Chief Information Security Officer of Black Box

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“Dynamic Security Leader”

Over the years, Nikesh Dubey, VP – Information Security & CISO, Black Box has contributed on various fronts to the information security domain at large. ISACA has recognized his work – A Global Non-Profit organization by identifying him for the “Harold Weiss Award for Outstanding Achievement” – A Global Award in 2018 that cites “Recognizes an individual for sustained contributions to the advancement of the governance of enterprise IT” and for “Sustained contributions to the IT Governance, Risk and Compliance community through innovative concepts, tireless drive, leadership and passion.” He has also been recognized as the finalist for the “CISO of the Year” Award by EC-Council in 2013 that cites “Dedication to the Information Security Industry.” He has published articles globally has been and is still part of some reputed groups that consistently contribute to the information security and assurance industry. He has also been on multiple global award review panels for the InfoSec domain and continues to support the industry through his contributions.

The driving principle that Nikesh has embraced continuously over the years and in his works is the concept of self-driven “Discipline” and “Motivation.” Both these attributes go a long way in developing character both personally and professionally. For example, being disciplined and motivated to gain knowledge, take on responsibilities, lead or continuously learn and improve, etc., plays a vital role in delivering your best. In today’s fast-paced and dynamically changing landscape from challenges to opportunities, from threat actors to threat vectors, from everyday phishing attacks to ransomware, where everyday organizations today face new challenges, he feels discipline and motivation are the two invisible powerhouses that help you keep moving forward in the right direction. This allows being grounded in the face of extreme situations or accolades and helps in critical decision-making in the face of daunting challenges.

Very early in his career, Nikesh had realized the importance of being self-aware of your strengths, capabilities, and skills to try to master them further. However, he soon realized that only when you know your strengths you can give attention to areas that need improvement through honest self-analysis. As years went by, he has been dogmatic about this principle, and it has certainly helped him build multiple skills along the way. He has been effective in contributing to organizations and the profession as a whole. Nikesh believes some of the core traits that are generally important to cultivate today for any leader are ownership and responsibility in what they do for the teams and the organization. He also believes it’s essential that leaders be passionate about the things they do to motivate others to play their part. Having a positive attitude, showing humility and integrity, and being decisive all play into being an effective leader.

“Trusted global IT Solutions Integrator delivering cutting-edge Tools , Technologies and Infrastructure along with world class Technology Product Solutions and Cybersecurity services.”

According to the steadfast leader, digital transformation and edge computing technology have given organizations great opportunities to deliver customer value. By moving workloads closer to the point of use or end-user referred to as the “edge,” providers can now drive down data latencies and expand the use of technology to applications that require instantaneous data gathering and near real-time processing, effectively leveraging edge computing.

With the post-pandemic workplace reality, organizations must now ensure everyone should be working securely with privacy, on any device at any time in alignment with organizational policies, procedures, and standards and in compliance with regulatory requirements where applicable. Therefore, data at the edge comes at a price. However, with decades of industry expertise, Blackbox specializes in addressing all these challenges by securing remote workforce, providing a resilient, dynamic, and elastic allocation of workloads and the seamless collaboration of tools and technologies, supported by hybrid and flexible infrastructure painting a landscape where the customer infrastructure, workplaces and their digital innovation visions are transformed, secured, monitored, managed and ready to go into the future.

Blackbox helps protect and secure customers’ infrastructure, data, and systems from today’s dynamic security threats at multiple levels. From providing an edge security strategy and assisting customers to extend their security perimeter by deploying edge devices, which increases operating efficiency and, more importantly, gives necessary security protections like against DDOS types of flood attack, advanced layer 7, and bot protection to being a Managed Security Services provider that continuously monitors and manages the customers threat response landscape, Blackbox delivers it all.

“By deploying SD-WAN Security appliances, we provide a unified threat management solution for distributed sites and datacenter VPN concentrations,” says Nikesh. These security services also include application-based filtering, content filtering, web search filtering, intrusions detection and prevention, Malware protection, identity-based security policy, to name a few. “By deploying efficient, secure collaborative tools, platforms, and infrastructure, coupled with our ability to be the customers Managed Security Services partner, we not only help customers digitally evolve and secure their ever expanding IT landscape but also empower their remote workforce so that anyone can work from anywhere at any time, securely and efficiently.” IE


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Nikesh Dubey
Chief Information Security Officer of Black Box


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