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Rashmi Gupta
Chief Human Resources Officer of PRO Unlimited

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“Connecting People Internally & Externally”

Rashmi Gupta’s HR career was founded on the philosophy that when people are engaged at work, they are extremely productive and, as a result, reach their maximum potential. When she worked at Gallup, they published research around this philosophy, and that’s something she has leveraged at PRO Unlimited.

Everything that PRO Unlimited does in building a wellness culture, employee engagement programs, benefits, and performance discussions are with the intention of “what can we do to help an employee feel engaged and comfortable in their workspace?” The founding belief is that if they are in a good place, they will be at their most optimal productivity level.

This philosophy is rooted in the core of their cultural evolution efforts, wellness benefits, including wellness days, recent shift to launching their parental leave program, remote work allowances, and commitment to charitable donations.

Information and communication are also crucial to fostering a positive and growth-oriented organization, especially as a company scales in size and geography. People need to feel connected not only to each other but to the leadership team. “That is why we really worked hard to establish the line of communication between leadership and employees. Our work in this area includes our internal employee portal, “PRONet,” monthly open mics with our CEO, Kevin Akeroyd, executive town halls, employee campaigns, and an overall culture of open access,” says Rashmi.

In addition, the company is putting in the next layer of infrastructure by launching an intranet and a company social forum where people will be able to chat with each other. In summary, the base philosophy behind the work is rooted in really believing in empowering people to be engaged and providing them the platform for communication and information.

“We are going through a significant amount of growth – both organic and inorganic. And we are looking for talent that welcomes that change, sees growth as an opportunity, and is hungry to move fast and scale with the organization,” adds Rashmi. “We seek to find talent that embodies our attributes of success, which include critical thinking, resilience, emotional intelligence, being service-oriented, accountability, and self-motivation.” She says, “Our people are critical to our organization’s success and will continue helping to propel us into the future, so having the right teams to take that exciting journey with us is essential.”

Rashmi and her team are redefining the Contingent Workforce Management (CWM) category. Contingent, non-employee labor is becoming an increasingly larger part of the workforce and is no longer merely staff augmentation. It is now a strategic priority at the senior executive level. Companies are looking for a way to holistically manage their growing contingent workforces, and PRO is in a unique position in the market to meet those needs. They have built a platform with unifying technology infrastructure, enabling service delivery and new services with data at their core. This includes their Software as a Service (SaaS) for market intelligence, RatePoint, SaaS for direct sourcing, DirectSource PRO, and PRO Unites, their diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) offering. Each component can integrate with existing technologies and enable clients' overall solutions.

The company has also made significant investments to continue innovating and transforming to meet client needs. PRO has not only launched five new technology solutions in the last 10 months but has also made several material acquisitions and established strategic partnerships with companies such as Eightfold AI, Mitchell Madison, and Glider AI. They are also increasing the reach and support of global clients through their acquisitions of Brainnet, the largest vendor-neutral Managed Service Provider (MSP) in continental Europe; PeopleTicker, the leading contingent data provider in over 160 non-USA countries; WillHire, a leader of direct sourcing, worker experience/candidate engagement and talent pool solutions; and Workforce Logiq, a global provider of AI-powered workforce intelligence, technology, and services to large corporations.

The company’s data set is a significant differentiator. PRO’s clients expect their contingent labor programs to be just as data-driven as their other business-critical initiatives, and PRO provides the solutions to help them reach their goals. “Our massive global data ocean goes beyond reporting, providing predictive analytics to help clients make the best decisions. It is the largest, highest-quality data set in the world, encompassing more than 30 billion data points and over 1.5 billion workers around the globe,” says Rashmi. “It allows us to offer true on-demand business intelligence to clients, and combined with our features, enables them to make faster, smarter hiring decisions across the globe.” IE


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Rashmi Gupta
Chief Human Resources Officer of PRO Unlimited


PRO Unlimited offers the industry's premier Integrated Workforce Management Platform, assisting large global organizations address the costs, risks and quality issues associated with managing a non-employee workforce. Our integrated SaaS software and services solutions are built on the world's most robust global contingent workforce data set, spanning over 30 years. A pioneer and innovator in the industry, PRO's platform provides solutions for the procurement and management of contingent labor, global rate intelligence, direct sourcing, 1099/co-employment risk management, third-party payroll, and diversity and inclusion.

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