Reggie Yativ, Chief Revenue Officer & COO of Agora

Reggie Yativ
Chief Revenue Officer & COO of Agora

Reggie Yativ, Chief Revenue Officer & COO of Agora, Certificate

“Helping Power the Next-Gen of Applications”

Since Agora’s inception nearly a decade ago, they have continually provided more authentic human-to-human engagement between people across the globe, anywhere, anytime. As a real-time engagement platform as a service (RTE PaaS) company, Agora was founded by Tony Zhao, founder, and CEO, by developers and for developers, with a clear mission to make APIs accessible for anyone. They have done this by overcoming the complexity of streaming video at high quality, low latency, globally and at scale. A universal desire to stay connected with friends, family, and colleagues drives this mission.

Today the company is powering thousands of businesses, corporations, and organizations in more than 100 countries with over 50 billion minutes streamed each month on Agora’s Software-Defined Real-Time Network (SD-RTN ™).

Early in 2018, after talking to Tony Zhao, Reggie Yativ, CRO & COO, bought into Agora’s big vision of changing the world with virtual human engagement. Since then, he has been leading the global efforts of Agora to expand. During this period, the company’s business, global presence, and brand awareness saw very significant growth. By designing a global strategy that included developing a persona-based GTM, building technical and commercial teams on the ground, and a brand that developers and product owners recognize, Reggie was able to work with the talented team to grow consistently, complete a few rounds of funding and then a very successful IPO in June 2020. Agora has not only innovated real-time engagement (RTE) but also evolved into its global DeFacto leader.

"Agora is powering the next generation of applications by making it possible for entrepreneurs and creators to think less about how to build their dreams and think more about what to build next.”

Reggie has been fortunate to have a diverse international experience throughout his life. “I’m originally from Israel and spent seven years in Amsterdam, almost two years in Paris and 13 years now in the USA, working at various companies in several industries before I moved to Silicon Valley,” he says. “During this time, I had many opportunities to work with some amazing people like David Assia, founder of Magic Software and many other ventures; Menachem Hasfari, CEO of Edusoft and later of Magic Software; and Ofer Bengal CEO and Yiftach Shoolman CTO who are the amazing co-founders of Redis Labs, the leading NoSQL real-time Database, and several others. All of those are amazing people that I learned a lot from in various stages of my career.” Armed with these qualities, Reggie has been taking the company to new heights.

Agora is powering the next generation of applications by making it possible for entrepreneurs and creators to think less about how to build their dreams and think more about what to build next, he says.While the inner workings of Agora’s products are pretty sophisticated and complex, they have designed simple, end-to-end RTE solutions that can be implemented into an existing app with just a few lines of code.

“We realize that building an entire technology stack to support a single feature is complicated. Our simple to use SDKs allow innovators to focus on what they do best,” explains Reggie. “As a CRO I found it very exciting to be at the heart of all this, but it also required from us constant iteration internally to ensure we have the right talent, the right deployment formations, the right plans, and the right messaging to communicate all this value to our customers, globally.”

Agora continues to innovate through technology as well as operations. The company currently powers more than 50 billion minutes of real-time engagement per month, and its platform has provided revolutionary changes in how the world lives, works, and plays. The company invests in its core technology, Machine Learning, AI, and network optimization operations to ensure they continue to lead through innovation. On the commercial and operational side, Agora continues to grow its teams and assets internationally. Agora is close to their customers and markets to provide them with the best pre-and post-going live support. IE




Reggie Yativ
Chief Revenue Officer & COO of Agora


Agora is the leading Real-Time Engagement (RTE) platform. Our mission is to make real-time engagement ubiquitous, allowing everyone to interact with anyone, in any app, anytime and anywhere. Our video, voice and live interactive video SDKs help developers deliver rich in-app experiences—including embedded voice and video chat, real-time recording, interactive live streaming, and real-time messaging—for users across many industries including gaming, social, education, entertainment and enterprise.

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