Reinaldo Borges, Principal of Borges Architects + Associates, Top 10 Admired Leaders of 2023

Reinaldo Borges
Borges Architects + Associates

Reinaldo Borges, Principal of Borges Architects + Associates

“Run a business aiming to help the community”

Since almost 25 years, Borges Architects + Associates have continued to grow and expand their horizons with a variety of project types, ranging from luxury residential high-rise design, hospitality resort developments, luxury homes, market-rate housing projects, and a variety of commercial projects.

Reinaldo Borges, the Principal of the company, became skilled in creating large urban projects. His father instilled in him a belief that he could achieve his dreams and encouraged him to have ambitious goals. His studies in architecture and admiration for modern architects helped shape his vision for the type of architecture he wanted to focus on. This motivated him to start his own firm in 1999, where he aimed to showcase his unique management style through his architectural work. He has always believed that starting a design practice takes courage and determination.

Reinaldo, a futurist architect, has long prioritized community service. Climate change confronts the built environment. He has experience designing and building smarter for climate change. This drives him to serve on boards and organizations to develop a future-proof city, one building at a time.

Above all, the family-like culture of his group fosters close collaboration, honesty, and respect among its members. Their shared commitment to excellence and kindness creates a strong bond that is personal and inclusive.

His belief that strong leadership begins with strong morals, honesty, and a genuine enthusiasm for the work, to be successful in a leadership position, one must have a sure and assertive attitude towards their work and the ideas they bring forth. Self-assurance, developed through education and expertise in the field, is the most important characteristic of a capable leader.

Reinaldo believes in leading by example and treating others with integrity and respect in their communication. He values collaboration and actively involves team members in the creative process, allowing them to contribute and be responsible for their work. He also takes ownership of project design and ensures successful delivery and achievements. It is important for individuals to listen attentively to others before coming up with their own responses and solutions. They are proud of their ability to listen well and use this skill to create innovative solutions and design projects that align with their values.

Reinaldo’s team excels in their work because they are confident and passionate. They have no trouble making decisions and pushing projects forward. They gain confidence through a thoughtful creative process that explores new ideas. In addition, they analyze architectural problems and break them down into manageable solutions that they can explain and create.

Besides, Reinaldo's team stands out from others by being flexible, constantly learning, attentive listeners, and providing personalized care to their clients. They differentiate themselves through their commitment to excellence and a practical approach to creating architecture that is adaptable and transformative. The company helps their clients turn their dreams and ideas into reality by working together and putting a lot of effort into being creative. The team at the office worked closely together for several weeks to submit a design for a luxury resort. Despite coming in second place, the project was well received and created a positive team experience. The intensity of the work was impressive for the entire team.

The use of REVIT, a cutting-edge Building Information Modeling platform, enables them to create 3D designs for their projects from start to finish and seamlessly integrate all aspects. This software sets them apart from other firms and enables them to produce high-quality work.

Reinaldo is working on obtaining his private pilot license to fly twin-engine planes that he plans to own. Professionally, he has formed a strong partnership with a design firm from Chile, which allows them to work together on projects for a new market. This is an exciting opportunity for their team, as they enjoy working on international collaborations.

Over the next five years, they plan to enhance their skills in REVIT and BIM project delivery to improve the quality and accuracy of their designs. They will also begin to explore the use of AI technology as a tool for architects, particularly in addressing Climate Change design initiatives and finding innovative solutions for coastal cities affected by the impacts of climate change.

Reinaldo, an architect in a Coastal City, understands the importance of designing in a way that considers the impact of climate change and the challenges it brings. He is passionate about finding innovative solutions to help his community live with more water and address the crisis their environment is facing. As an architect, he sees this as both a chance to make a difference and a significant challenge that requires creativity.


Borges Architects + Associates


Reinaldo Borges
Borges Architects + Associates


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