Rex Adams, CEO of EyeSouth Partners profile

Rex Adams
CEO of EyeSouth Partners

Rex Adams, CEO of EyeSouth Partners

“Providing Highest Quality Medical & Surgical Eye Care”

From Rex Adams’ perspective, there have been three guiding principles in the success of EyeSouth: a culture of supporting doctors, a strong orientation toward growth, and a fundamental belief that healthcare is best delivered as a local, human-to-human interaction. For the CEO of EyeSouth Partners, the use of technology, repeatable processes, and highly trained people are the secret sauce to simultaneously accomplish all 3 of these goals. “We can support our busy doctors, which helps them serve more patients with the highest of quality outcomes; we can serve more patients through the growth of our medical practices both within current locations and geographical expansions, and with the proper use of technology and thought leadership we can use our scale to help doctors deliver best-in-class medical care for the eyes in a very localized, community-based care delivery model,” says Rex.

“EyeSouth Partners is a leading provider of medical and surgical eye care services that enables doctors in the ophthalmology medical specialty to deliver the highest quality medical and surgical eye care.”

EyeSouth Partners is a leading provider of medical and surgical eye care services that enables doctors in the ophthalmology medical specialty to deliver the highest quality medical and surgical eye care. The company leverages a premier network of integrated eye care practices across more than 110 locations that provide nearly ¾ of a million eye care services to the patients. EyeSouth provides a comprehensive set of services to help these doctors serve their patients and grow their practices. For example, EyeSouth Partners offers sophisticated marketing programs and strategic growth plans, clinician recruiting and referral-source development capabilities, real estate selection and expansion, and technology support and enablement to help practices expand their reach in the community and achieve a progressive and continuous growth trajectory.

One of the great attributes of EyeSouth is to recruit and retain the highest quality of doctors. EyeSouth’s management model helps these doctors see more patients through improved staffing models, real estate expansions, staff training, equipment investments, and technology to help the doctors, their staff, and patients. “We use the latest in technology to treat our patients, we use technology to improve the training of our employees, we use technology to augment and enhance the skills of our staffs, and we use technology to communicate appropriately and in a manner that is best for our patients, both pre-visit and post-visit,” adds Rex.

According to Rex, there is currently a natural imbalance between supply and demand in ophthalmology. The demand for these medically necessary services continues to increase with the aging of the population, the increased computer and screen time for people of all ages, and the increase in the number of chronic diseases that directly impact eyesight such as diabetes, and high blood pressure. Before EyeSouth, a medical practice may have an existing and well-defined growth plan or a “wish list” of ideas or concepts they wish to pursue, but the client typically struggles to balance and prioritize their need to provide daily critical patient care while simultaneously reflecting on how best to have their local office grow and serve more patients. “With our EyeSouth’s thought leadership, playbooks of repeatable and successful processes, highly trained staff, partnering mentality, proper use of technology, EyeSouth helps redirect their energy to the highest impact areas of patient growth for each local market and patient population,” says Rex.

EyeSouth has demonstrated an ability to grow in multiple economic environments and all different local markets, including the pandemic. During the pandemic, EyeSouth managed through the constraints and restrictions by focusing on keeping their patients, staff, and doctors safe while providing best-in-class operational support for each local market to achieve their goals. “Even during the pandemic year, EyeSouth had nearly ¾ million patient visits, meaning these patients left our offices able to be healthier and happier grandparents, parents, spouses, neighbors, friends, and community participants all due to their restored eyesight,” adds Rex.

EyeSouth expects to continue on its expansive growth, serving more doctors and more patients. EyeSouth provides medically-necessary, non-deferable care. “EyeSouth is opening multiple new offices, building new surgery centers, investing in state-of-the art equipment for clinical care, embracing new technologies to support our doctors and staff, and continuing to see more and more patients every day,” says Rex. IE


EyeSouth Partners


Rex Adams
CEO of EyeSouth Partners


Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, EyeSouth Partners is a premier network of integrated eye care practices located throughout the country. Our affiliated ophthalmology practices benefit from superior operational expertise, as well as investments in support staff, ongoing education, and state-of-the-art technology.

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