Saeed Valian, CISO, Director of Information Security of Transaction Data Systems Profile

Saeed Valian
CISO, Director of Information Security of Transaction Data Systems

Saeed Valian, CISO, Director of Information Security of Transaction Data Systems Certificate

“Transforming A Business Driven Information Security Program”

Saeed has been responsible for integrating and building a world-class Information Security practice for TDS, based on the precise combination of effective security measures and significant compliance controls, as the company's CISO. A highly renowned Information Security Leader who is known for tackling and resolving cybersecurity, compliance, and business risk issues in a proactive manner. His proven track of success over the past 15 years in Information Security and Technology amplify his aptitude in establishing or modernizing effective security processes while enhancing business performance, integrity, and scalability.

Saeed's track record of developing tailored strategies and forming cross-functional teams demonstrates creative solutions and services that boost productivity and competitiveness by delivering security at the speed of business! He promotes building effective security cultures customized for each business, reducing gaps by building relationships through collaboration and investing in security-minded Business Unit experts to become the organization's security advocates (BISO's) in order to establish a dynamic approach to security and compliance.

“For more than 40 years, TDS has supported community and independent pharmacists with innovative technology solutions and services. Today, TDS utilizes a collaborative care model to simplify and expedite the patient journey, boost financial performance, and elevate the customer experience.”

According to Saeed, the unique experiences of being on both the client and vendor sides, as well as the opportunities to build or improve Information Security practices for several organizations in various industries, including but not limited to healthcare, technology, and manufacturing for medium and large enterprises, have provided him with unique skills to prepare and deploy innovative, yet practical and scalable security strategies. Understanding business requirements and offerings, doing a thorough assessment of the organization, and developing an effective security strategy are just the beginning. Building diverse teams, developing innovative user awareness programs that promote the importance of cybersecurity through fun activities, such as security shows, internal programs that recognize and celebrate security advocates throughout the organization, and an interactive security intranet will all help to improve the security culture.

“As cybersecurity leaders, we have to create our message of influence because security is a culture with the business being part of it.”

Healthcare technology companies play an important role in enabling healthcare providers to provide meaningful services to their patients, yet they face a difficult task in finding the right balance of functionality and creativity while adhering to stringent compliance and security controls to protect patient data. The complexity to be addressed by Healthcare Technology suppliers is increasing due to an increasing number of regulations, an increasing number of cyber-attacks, and specific client requirements; "transparency" is crucial to the future of said companies from a security and compliance standpoint. Data and visibility into it, like many other aspects of a business, are critical to a successful security approach. Companies cannot afford to engage a limitless number of security personnel to manually monitor and analyze data. Utilizing emerging technologies such as automation, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence will be significant to a reliable security practice. It is imperative for a solid cybersecurity practice to be able to predict potential malicious behavior as cybercriminals are always one step ahead.

TDS provides technological solutions and services to over 8,000 community pharmacies, with their network of pharmacies touching the lives of over 2.5 million people annually. TDS, with its Rx30 and Computer-Rx pharmacy systems, offers innovative pharmacy administration solutions and clinical applications that are tailored to the needs of community pharmacies. TDS Offers critical information to the whole continuum of care by connecting the dots between clinicians, patients, and health plans. By partnering with the largest pharmacy technology provider, pharmacies can access industry-leading pharmacy management solutions, in-workflow clinical opportunities, specialty pharmacy solutions, and more.

Saeed's role as CISO and his exceptional work has turned him into a charismatic CISO of 2021. Through Saeed's influence as CISO and his team's efforts supports TDS with continuing to maintain and strengthen its position as a , “leader in Pharmacy Services and Solutions.” IE


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Saeed Valian
CISO, Director of Information Security of Transaction Data Systems


For the past 41 years, TDS has been dedicated to the success of independent pharmacy. TDS, with its family of products and services including Rx30, Computer-Rx, Enhanced Medication Services and Pharm Assess RBS, provides pharmacy systems and other innovative technology to the pharmacy industry. Its proven pharmacy management software and its continually growing and evolving products and services offer pharmacies the technology and support they need to succeed in a dynamic marketplace. Proudly supporting the largest install base of independent pharmacies in the industry with systems in all 50 states and the Virgin Islands, TDS is the unquestioned leader in Independent Pharmacy Management Software. For more information about TDS, please visit

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