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Sasan Chalezamini
COO & CFO of Physical therapy & sports medicine center

Michelle Rios, President of Blue Tiger Leadership, LLC

Success reflects the strength of unity

In 2011, Sasan Chalezamini joined the Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Center and currently holds the esteemed position of Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operating Officer at seven thriving locations. He has dedicated twenty years to the real estate industry, specifically on the broker side, where he has collaborated closely with numerous accomplished businessmen and women. Yet he has not been able to apply the valuable expertise he has acquired throughout his career to everyday business operations. Unfortunately, following the market crash in 2008, the instability of the business climate and the immense pressure within the brokerage industry became overwhelming. As they say in show business, the rest is history!

Sasan shares his interest in exploring new opportunities in a different sector. However, it was only when his wife, Dr. Sohaila Mosaddegh, who owns Mosaddegh Physical Therapy Inc., presented him with an irresistible proposition that she believed that Sasan's expertise as a business broker, his experience in marketing, and his strong connections in the community could greatly contribute to expanding the company's vision.

In order to address the requirements of a growing business, the company Handbook was developed by a team of four employees. Recognizing the significance of written policies and anticipating future expansion, it became necessary to establish a handbook. Furthermore, Sasan has introduced a dress code, various departments, and a continuous training program for all managers within the company.

Sasan puts forth great effort to address company issues and employee concerns in a fair manner. He believes it is his responsibility to provide support to the team and, consequently, the company. He provides guidelines, suggestions, advice, and new ideas, and coaches managers on how to effectively handle issues and enhance their support for the staff. His suggestions to all the leaders are to ‘Always be professional,’ ‘Be on top of the job, ‘Always ask questions,’ ‘get all the facts, and think before you respond.’

Sasan is always willing to consider suggestions. Being part of a diverse team means that the various perspectives and ideas are often highly valuable. He appreciates alternative viewpoints and carefully assesses any suggestions that are brought to his attention. In his perspective, communication plays a vital role in achieving success in business. He consistently maintains contact with his managers at all levels and conducts official monthly meetings with all managers. This provides a platform for them to express their concerns and ideas, as well as those of their staff. Their objective is to foster a more unified, tightly knit, and efficient team.

Sasan 100% works very closely with the owner, who deals with the clinical aspect of the business. He is kept informed and updated on all information and is therefore able to relay rounded and thorough information to managers and staff. In his opinion, the owner of this company is not the only one who owns it; rather, every team member has contributed to it. PTSMC greatly values its staff and recognizes that their contributions are essential to the success of the company. Every decision made is aimed at improving the well-being of each individual within the organization. Although mistakes may occur, it is crucial to emphasize that, as the owner and CFO/COO, their primary goal is to safeguard their employees and the brand that they actively contribute to developing every day.

Sasan, along with his team, has implemented various activities to enhance the patient care aspect of their business. These include the annual Peanut Butter and Jelly Drive, where each of their seven locations hosts an event and makes 300 PB&J sandwiches for the homeless, totaling over 2000 sandwiches per year. Additionally, they have introduced the internal Fashion Friday activity and other department-wide incentive programs, all of which have successfully fostered a sense of unity among both patients and staff. As a result, they achieve their goal of 700 visits per week total.

They have plans to open a new location in the near future, with the expectation of hiring up to five new employees. PTSMC is constantly exploring ways to motivate and engage their staff, organizing various activities to foster team unity, encouraging employees to earn a more progressive income, and supporting the growth and personal development of both the company and its individuals.


Physical therapy & sports medicine center


Sasan Chalezamini
Physical therapy & sports medicine center


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