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Tafiq (Mr. Menopause) Akhir
Licensed Menopause Expert and Awareness Specialist

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Tafiq Akhir, aka Mr. Menopause, a Licensed Menopause Expert and Awareness Specialist, witnessed his mother struggle with numerous health issues as he was growing up, including Menopause, which exacerbated her symptoms. After many years of working in the health and fitness industry, he began to observe that his female clients had similar issues, which prompted him to become educated, certified, and licensed in order to assist women through personalized and group coaching, as well as menopause awareness in the workplace training and policy.

The ability to provide the needed awareness, resources, and support for women’s health in general is what inspired and continues to inspire Tafiq. Knowing what he knows now about hormones, health, nutrition, and metabolism, he says there’s no need for another mother or any woman to suffer and struggle like his mom did.

Tafiq, a man in a field predominately led by women, provides a distinctive and invaluable point of view as a hormone health expert who has more than 17 years of experience working with women over 40. He is also presently experiencing Andropause, commonly known as male menopause, and possesses a more comprehensive comprehension of the profound physical, mental, and emotional changes that occur. Along with the accumulation of numerous years of schooling, extensive training hours, multiple certifications, a professional license, and notable accolades, he possesses a strong conviction that he is more qualified than most individuals to promote menopause awareness in the workplace.

Tafiq excels at assisting companies in retaining and attracting top-tier talent, all while actively promoting intersectional diversity. He begins with a Menopause Awareness Assessment and Consultation to gain a deeper understanding of their company culture and menopause knowledge. He follows up by recommending a Menopause Awareness experience that will be most beneficial for the company.

Consequently, Tafiq posits that an increasing number of American companies will recognize the significance of implementing Menopause Awareness Training and Certification, particularly in light of the growing prominence of menopause in the mainstream. In addition, prominent corporations such as Bristol Meyers, Bank of America, and Adobe are implementing menopause support for their companies. He asserts that implementing Menopause Awareness Training within an organization yields advantageous outcomes. When effectively implemented, organizations see enhanced productivity, reduced absenteeism, improved talent retention, heightened morale, and the establishment of a supportive work environment. These measures contribute to reducing expenses associated with sick pay, recruitment of new personnel, loss of productivity, and other related costs.

Tafiq further elucidates that a prominent issue in the workplace is the absence of consciousness. Many organizations lack awareness of the significant influence that menopause has on their business operations. Menopause in the workplace has a substantial economic impact, with an annual productivity loss of $150 billion and an estimated $1.8 billion in lost working time. The perception of menopause is often limited to its implications for women's health; however, its significance extends beyond this narrow perspective. Menopause Awareness in the Workplace is not a highly competitive field in the United States. Awareness is much more prominent in Canada and the United Kingdom. Tafiq has partnered and acquired his license with Menopause Experts Group, an award-winning organization headquartered in the United Kingdom, where companies like Menopause Experts Group, Henpicked, and Menopause Training Company are leading the charge for menopause awareness.

The concept of increasing exposure to a broader range of companies in the United States by raising awareness of a universally shared normal phase of life for women aged 40 to 60 that has often been overlooked in societal discourse is becoming more openly discussed. Tafiq is enthusiastic about initiating more of these discussions. The only change he would make is to have the opportunity to engage with a larger audience, thereby disseminating a greater level of awareness. Additionally, he discloses the strategic objectives for the forthcoming five-year period for Mr. Menopause, include delivering keynotes and conducting lectures on a global scale about menopause, women's health, and the promotion of healthy aging.


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Tafiq (Mr. Menopause) Akhir
Licensed Menopause Expert and
Awareness Specialist


Tafiq's Physiques is the parent company of Mr. Menopause, Menopause Makeover Academy, and more. Specializing in hormone health, nutrition, fitness, fat loss, and healthy aging.

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