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Tammuz Dubnov
Founder & CEO of Zuzor

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“A Dynamic Leader”

Tammuz Dubnov has been recognized as a thought leader and won several innovations and industry awards for his work in Zuzor. Possessing a very interdisciplinary background, with a Masters in Engineering Science and a specialization in Artificial Intelligence, an undergraduate degree in Dance, and his artistic background as a choreographer and a circus aerialist and producer, he manages and leads the software development team in a fashion that is more collaborative than a traditional managerial role. Having built the initial technology for his personal artistic use, he has a deep understanding of the product and product evolution Zuzor is building across multiple verticals. As such, he receives input and creative thoughts from the different departments (software, UI/UX design, marketing, and sales, etc.) about features and future capabilities that he weighs and merges into the company vision of the different products.

Tammuz first dreamed up the technology that became Zuzor to supplement his work as a choreographer and performer. It was meant to expand the artistic expression possible on stage and give multimedia an intelligent agency. From that artistic inception, the company evolved to offer the technology to a range of markets looking to better engage and interact with their audiences. The technology was initially thought up around performers, but as the world enters the experiential economy and as instagrammable moments become an increasingly large part of our lives, this initially performative technology enables companies to create powerful activations that resonate with their audiences. The company’s technology aids in placemaking by turning surfaces into interactive digital landscapes that communicate its brand and messages while creating mesmerizing moments for its audiences.

"Tammuz constantly thinks about the future and the direction the markets are going to preemptively build for the future, keeping the company and Zuzor’s technology development on the cutting edge."

He utilizes a mixture of visionary and transformational management styles to maximize the team's agility and focus on growth. With a few expert-level players on the team that are responsible for bringing and presenting Zuzor to the many verticals the company touches, Tammuz serves as the bridge that works with the different departments to create the technology and resources to empower the members of the team in the field to reach greater heights.

Tammuz constantly thinks about the future and the direction the markets are going to preemptively build for the future, keeping the company and Zuzor’s technology development on the cutting edge. As such, a big part of his role is speaking and attending conferences across the many verticals that Zuzor would like to empower, where he remains approachable and focuses on discussions with industry experts to challenge them to think creatively on how Zuzor's technology can solve their challenges and understand better what other challenges they face that Zuzor could potentially solve.

With a strong emphasis on lowering the barrier to entry for users, the system was designed in such a way that creatives can design assets with any tool they're already familiar with and then deploy them onto the Zuzor platform in a manner that adds to those assets new possibilities of control and interactive dynamics. With the almost endless creative possibilities within Zuzor, this emphasis on usability also makes the technology much more approachable to the diverse world of designers that may use the technology for very different needs. Zuzor has a new software release in the works scheduled to be released in mid-2021 that brings new creative possibilities and is easier to use through their new browser-based platform. IE




Tammuz Dubnov
Founder & CEO of Zuzor


Zuzor creates special moments for audiences through experiential design and creativity. Move your customers and give them an experience they will not soon forget. Our technology gives you the ability to captivate your audience and allow them to take part in your display like never before. Be a part of the revolution in customer engagement.

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