Tanweer Ahmed, CEO of Pak Food LLC, Top 10 Admired Leaders of 2022

Tanweer Ahmed
Pak Food LLC

Tanweer Ahmed, CEO of Pak Food LLC

“Keep kindness as your motive to triumph”

Tanweer Ahmed is the CEO of Pak Food, LLC. According to him, sharing our life's path always includes instances. It's all about bringing people along, and I'm passionate about helping businesses succeed.

For Tanweer, starting anything requires less talking and more listening. First, get to know your employees, then design a strategy to help them succeed, as team building and growth are two essential effects. Tanweer advises instilling a sense of camaraderie among his employees by stating, "I've got your back." Increasing digital integration and creating meaningful team connections are two of Tanweer's main concerns. When you make a detailed experience map, you can make the customer and employee experience better. You can also use newer, faster, and more personalized technologies to do this.

Tanweer also believes, it’s easy to accept failures and respond positively to them. Don't give up if you make a mistake; simply try again. I strongly believe and preach that we should learn from our past and act in the present to make our future bright, adds Tanweer.

Tanweer considers himself an in-house software development and subject matter specialist. We have a promising future ahead of us. Shifting its focus to real estate ownership has seen great results as a response, and this has resulted in tremendous results for PAK Foods, LLC. It helped us save money during COVID by lowering our rent. We focused on having high-impact marketing, watching market trends, and honing our skills and strategies accordingly.

According to Tanweer, a powerful point of difference statement focuses on competitive strength and is grounded in customer insights, taking into account both actual and perceived qualities. A compelling reason why MGMT picked you above your competitors must be clearly articulated, and it must also be realistic and believable.

It's easy to simplify your unique selling proposition into a single statement, but making that sentence memorable and meaningful is more vital. With the proper point of difference statement, you can excite your team and motivate them to accomplish their best work, says Tanweer. My own point of difference statement starts with a unique benefit field or firm category, and a reason to believe in my differentiating traits. It's easy to say: I need MY unique selling proposition to differentiate myself from my competition; finally, my biggest rival is myself.

We were well aware of the necessity of developing both a long-term and short-term strategy for the industry's future. While COVID was spreading and before it arrived in the United States, PAK Foods, LLC decided to enforce masks and build glass barriers to protect our staff and customers from exposure while COVID was infected. Customers were skeptical at first, but after a few weeks of seeing our efforts, they started coming back. As a result, the impact on our company was minimal, says Tanweer.

For Tanweer, new paradigm for the twenty-first century is giving himself the life he deserves: a revolutionary approach since giving and receiving are intertwined. For anyone who wants to improve their interpersonal relationships even while improving their general well-being, The Power of Receiving, which is based on the author's extensive research into the nature of receptivity and how it connects to manifestation, is an excellent resource to reclaim control of their hectic schedules and attract the fulfillment that they deserve using the simple formula: "Believe + Receive = Achieve."

A $1 million bonus was given to PAK Foods, LLC employees who stayed during COVID, regardless of whether they worked part or full time. With this, we were able to position ourselves above our rivals and avoid a staff shortage. For the next five years, I have clearly defined goals for myself and the company, and I'm capable of adapting to market trends and developing an emotional connection with my consumers by capturing their feedback in real time. I've also established a quality framework for the development of my team.

I arrived in the United States with only $23. Having been raised in the United States, I owe my entire success to the country. As a lifelong cricket player, I saw a way to introduce the sport to a new generation of young Americans. On the spur of the moment, I devised a scheme to aid cricket. On 86 acres of land purchased in Praire View City, six cricket fields were constructed. Bringing young people to the United States and preventing them from doing drugs, as well as encouraging them to improve their mental strength and focus on sports, is what I hope to accomplish, concludes Tanweer. IE


Pak Food LLC


Tanweer Ahmed
Pak Food LLC


Franchisee of YUM Brands. Started in 2006 and currently operates 140 KFC, Taco Bell and Pizza Hutt locations in 4 states, 150 plus Restaurants. Have over 4000 employees providing excellent service.

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